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Fantasy Football App Development: End-To-End Overview

Negi Negi November 24, 2022
Fantasy Football App Development: End-To-End Overview

Willing to join hands with the trending market deal? It’s time to think beyond and step ahead for Fantasy Football app development.

Irrespective of many popular sports in the market, the Football game reserves its own space and fantasy among Football lovers worldwide. Its continuously increasing craze in the audience is no more limited to watching football leagues of real players. People these days seem excited to play football games whether on the ground or leveraging gaming apps.

Introducing the trending game i.e. Fantasy Football – which can be played using mobile apps or gaming platforms. Fantasy football could be an enthralling gaming experience for video gamers or football lovers. One who hasn’t played a football game yet can also amuse this new gaming addition – ‘Fantasy Football.’

Considering the rising trend of Fantasy Football and steadily increasing fan base for the same, it can bring a revolutionary change in the sports market. Thereby, it could be an inevitable deal for businesses willing to Fantasy Football app development. Now, let’s understand the in-depth and end-to-end concept of Fantasy Football App Development.

What is the Fantasy Football App?

Fantasy Football app is a gaming platform that can be played using mobile or tab devices. Users can create their own virtual or imaginary teams by selecting players from the respective teams. While playing the game, the user earns points for every match they play. When a player scores the highest points while playing the live game, wins the Fantasy Football league.

This game engages users in many ways. For instance, by playing the game, by predicting the player’s next move. Whenever a user predicts the player’s performance accurately, they get eligible to earn prizes and more.

Why There Is A Need For Fantasy Football App Development?

Continuously Trending

Due to the increasing craze in the gaming and entertainment market, it could be a proven exciting deal for online gamers. We can see the revolutionary change in the sports and gaming industry wherein people didn’t remain limited to playing games merely in the playground. Today’s users are more likely to play sports games using their mobile or leveraging online gaming apps. Here the evolution of mobile apps has played a vital role to bring such transformation.

Less Competition

Initially, there are a very few Fantasy Football apps available on the App Store and Play Store that are rolling out in the worldwide market leaving the most popular apps like NFL, ESPN, etc. 

Thus, it could be the right time to make a decision for Football Fantasy Mobile App Development. Even if you start from scratch, you can ensure seamless penetration in the market and start driving efficiency just after a few months of market launch followed by adequate app promotion and continuous updates.

All you need to hire Fantasy Football App Developer associated with a trustworthy gaming app development firm. Moreover, implementation of the right strategic approach, quality-assured deployment, and pre and post-app deployment promotion is required to attain so.

Users’ Earning Potential

There are several ways Football lovers can fulfill their passion even in online gaming while sitting in their own comfort space. There could be features comprising the earning opportunities in terms of using the premium features that allow to create teams, choose players, and drive the game. 

Users can also earn money while predicting the upcoming activities in the live game. Furthermore, once your app starts uplifting, collaborating with brands and placing their ads or redirection to other apps and web links can help to generate revenue.

Benefits Involved With Fantasy Football App Development

Vast Opportunity

Since the market is still taking a lope and having space for new market leaders to introduce their Fantasy Football app, one can leverage this opportunity and can become a rising leader in the industry. 

The Market Is Just Initiated.

It’s still an early or ongoing stage wherein new business leaders can still reserve their space in the online sports or gaming industry, especially in the Fantasy Football gaming domain. Taking recourse to a sports app development company or hiring a Fantasy Football Mobile App Developer can help to well-turn your idea.

Completely Legal

Nothing is worried about launching your own Football Fantasy app in terms of legal acceptance. When it comes to Fantasy Football App Development, everything is legal, you can connect users whether to play the game, claim predictions, or those who just watch the game.

Higher ROI

Depending on market adoption and your own analysis, you can find numerous ways to earn money or generate revenue by deploying and launching your online Football playing application.

Since the gaming industry especially for Fantasy Football applications is inviting scope to new market players to embrace the industry, hence, you may require to invest less in terms of Fantasy Sports App Development Costs and acquire higher returns. Here, providing lucrative features will help to continuously gain new users and sustain the existing ones.

Compelling Features To Penetrate In the Football App Market

If you want to rule in the gaming industry by launching your Fantasy Football app with premium features, it becomes inevitable that your gaming platform should be equipped with compelling features. 

Such user-engaging features should compel your users to pay for playing leagues, selecting users & creating teams, predicting activities, playing quizzes, and more. Let’s include some of the trending yet user-driven features to be imbibed in your app to secure your market space for the long run:

Features For End-User

Sign Up/Login

To start using your app, your users are required to sign up or register first. For seamless login, allow your users to log in via Google, Facebook, or Instagram accounts.


Rather you let your users learn using your app itself, educate your users by taking them on a learning tour to instantly and effectively start using your app without any single hassle. Make sure that they find your interface with easy-to-use features and navigation.

Profile Creation

Basic yet essential features to allow your users to create their profile but not limited to their personal information. It should also comprise the user data in terms of the number of played matches, reward history, number of wins or losses, and more.

Players Details

While creating a team to drive fantasy leagues, a user must be able to review the players’ details helping them to create a team imbibing the strong and relevant players. This feature enables your users to joyfully create their team selecting the right players to earn rewards/money.

Create Leagues/Tournament

When you allow your users to create leagues and enjoy tournaments, you enable user engagement. Moreover, offering pro leagues can help to encourage and engage a more user base. Further, depending on your app features, you can find a multitude of ways to engage your users.

Real-Time Score/Stats

Real-time scores and stats of live matches can truly amaze your users and ensure an optimal user-engaging experience.

Bidding & Predictions

You also need to provide features to the users who love to watch live matches, place bidding, and predictions about upcoming activities or players’ performances. When their predictions come true, they will be eligible to earn rewards and prizes.

Match/Tournament Highlights

For Fantasy Football app development, highlighting what is happening in the live match or tournament can amaze your users indeed. 

Quizzes & Contests

By facilitating your users with frequent quizzes and contests, you can boost your user engagement and can ensure their sustainability on your Football online gaming platform.

Latest News & Updates

This feature can be implemented to keep your users informed about all the news and updates related to upcoming matches, industry trends, Fantasy Football learnings, app feature upgrades, and more. Depending on your app navigation, you can allow your users to receive all such in-app mail or inbox.

Push Notifications

Equip your users with push notifications related to all the upcoming and planned games so that users can stay updated with all the information they are awaited for.

Inbuilt Wallet

Fascinate your users with in-app wallet features whereby users can upload money in their wallet and can pay or make purchases. If you wish, you can also allow app users to send in-app paid gifts or appreciation to their favorite players using their wallets.

Substantial Features For Admin

User Control & Information Management

Having control over users and managing the information is crucial to ensure the seamless and efficient flow of your Fantasy Football app. Adding this feature in your app helps the administrators to track, control, and manage the overall user activity or actions.

Banking & Accounting

To rescue your app from any sort of misuse and legal breaches, your app should be equipped with banking & accounting features whereby you can proactively monitor and control unfavorable events. 

Real-Time Dashboard

This could be a smarter feature to simplify all of your efforts. Leveraging the real-time dashboard, app administrators can view all the events and activities happening in real-time in their app. They can have a single view for every piece of information or stats to make smarter yet productive decisions in real-time. Leveraging those stats, they can implement required marketing strategies to ensure the successful presence of their Fantasy Football application in the market.

Monitoring & Management

If your online Football gaming app is not equipped with features such as monitoring and managing the players’ rankings, scores, points, and more; it may not help to compete in the market. Therefore, make sure that your app is not lacking this feature at any cost.

Reward & Prizes Management

Rewards & prize management is the next must-have feature that you need to comprise while hiring Fantasy Football App Developer. This feature helps to drive user engagement. Leveraging this, App Administrators will be able to manage rewards & prizing. Admins can get a fair chart of players to make fair decisions while granting rewards or prizes to the users.

Tech Stack For Football Fantasy App Development

Front End

Front End technology straightforwardly relates the look and feel of the application that drives users’ experience. Here are the potential Front End technologies that your Fantasy Football App Development will require:

  • JavaScrip
  • CSS
  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • Angular.js
  • React Native


As you can see that your app requires you to create, manage, and drive lots of data. Hence, you need a database that lets your users create, delete, and manage their information. Here are the database options that you will require to integrate:

  • MySql
  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra
  • PostgreSQL

Cloud Facilitation

To run your app, you need a cloud space wherein your users can access, use, or play your app. Since this app processes the data online, hence, you need a cloud environment to efficiently run your app. Here are the cloud space facilitation options:

  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Salesforce
  • AWS


Sports API integration

Integration with sports API helps to drive improved user experience by making the league schedules-related information available to the app users. This integration helps and fetches real-time data or information to be served to the app users.

Payment Gateway Integration

While hiring a Fantasy Football app development company, you can ask them to facilitate your app to integrate with payment gateways to ensure seamless user transactions or wallet uploads.

Mailchimp Integration

To manage and drive the terms such as contacts, user information, followers, subscribers, and more.

AI Facilitated

For both the user as well as admin perspective, the app should be well-equipped with AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities to make smarter decisions in real time. To drive real-time updates, push notifications, and other latest activities, your Fantasy Football app should involve AI tools out of the tools such as IBM, Big Data, Apache, Hadoop, etc.

How much does it cost for Fantasy Football App Development?

Numerous things are considered while estimating the Fantasy Sports App Development Cost. Depending on features & functional navigation requirements and the complexity level of your app, the actual cost may vary. 

Your actual costing for Fantasy Football app development will also involve the terms such as front end & back end technologies you imbibe, cloud & AI facilitation, and integration needs. If your app comprises the maintenance & monitoring part as well, your cost can be estimated accordingly.

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The bottom line

Thus, to build and deploy your Fantasy Football App, you need to hire Fantasy Football App Developers or associate with the topmost Fantasy Football gaming app development company like ScalaCode. We are here to build your Fantasy Football dream app with your required features. If you are unsure about your customized needs, connect with us to implement your idea today.