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Achieve agility and operational efficiency securely with our system integration services. We have established ourselves as a leading system integration company in India, allowing businesses to blend software and hardware seamlessly for a unified infrastructure. All components work harmoniously under our expert care.

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A Comprehensive Suite of Custom System Integration Services We Offer

At ScalaCode, we provide a variety of system integration services aimed at aligning disparate software systems. Whether you need cloud integration, API integration, CRM integration, or SPS EDI integration, receive bespoke system integration solutions from us. Being one of the top system integrator companies around, we let you enjoy safe and easy-to-go IT operations. Our diverse IT software integration solutions lead to enhanced digital transformation services and full use of your IT resources.

CRM & Marketing Automation

CRM & Marketing Automation

We help businesses unify their software with other popular CRM or marketing tools that they can use. Whether you want NetSuite CRM integration, Hubspot CRM integration, or Mailchimp integration, we maintain careful communication between your essential software components.

  • HubSpot & Salesforce Integration

    ScalaCode is known for offering robust CRM integration services. Our team carefully integrates HubSpot and Salesforce, two powerful CRM platforms, into your software solution. Having these CRMs integrated, you can have a unified view of your customers, gather valuable insights, and improve collaboration between your sales and marketing teams.

  • Mailchimp & Constant Contact Integration

    We will endeavor to connect Mailchimp and Constant Contact, the leading email marketing platforms of today, with your software without a hitch. Handling this part, we are regarded as the best automation system integrators in India. Our integration team does it fully and perfectly as a primary duty. Hire us to get top-notch Mailchimp and Constant Contact integration services to complement your email marketing strategy.

  • Marketo & Eloqua Integration

    As one of the top automation system integrators in India, we smoothly integrate Marketo and Eloqua into your software component. Our team carries out this task with extreme care, which guarantees 100% efficient linking. Whether it is about personalized marketing campaigns or holistic customer understanding, incorporating Marketo and Eloqua integration into your system enhances the capabilities of your marketing automation.

  • Netsuite CRM Integration

    Our system integration services for Netsuite CRM enable you to utilize comprehensive business insights for improved customer engagement. Netsuite CRM provides a 360-degree view of your customers, be it contact information or purchase history. Having Netsuite CRM integration with other systems allows you to have consistent and up-to-date customer data across all your systems.

E-commerce & Sales

E-commerce & Sales

With our high business position in eCommerce development, we offer custom eCommerce development and integration services. Our team has acquired expertise in multiple eCommerce platform specializations. Whether you are in need of Shopify CRM integration, eBay integration, or 3rd party delivery platform integration, we are undoubtedly the top outsourcing partner. We will help satisfy all your integration needs in the eCommerce industry.

  • Shopify & WooCommerce Integration

    Back your online store by integrating it with Shopify and WooCommerce. These are the two most popular e-commerce platforms, enriched with amazing features. We, as a system integration agency, help you integrate eCommerce platforms into your application. With this, you have better inventory management, order management, and synchronization of customer data across all platforms.

  • Amazon & eBay Integration

    Being a top-rated IT software integration company, we stand out superbly in our capability to integrate Amazon and eBay into your system. Our team makes this platform integration accurate so as to achieve optimal functionality for your system. Integrating Amazon and eBay enables you to create a platform that allows you to access more clients and reduces the cost of using multiple platforms and the complexity of managing different websites.

  • PayPal and Stripe Integration

    An integration with PayPal and Stripe provides not just a secure means of payment but also customer-friendly checkout and diversity to attract more customers. Thus, being one of the most advanced system integration companies, we will ensure a high level of integration of PayPal and Stripe into your business's digital products.

Business Productivity & Communication

Business Productivity & Communication

Since 2012, we have been the preferred provider of business productivity and communication integration services. We have expertise in integrating tools such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, and Google Workspace for your seamless workflow. Make us your system integration partner to make the setup of this connection as easy as possible, which helps you and your organization collaborate, communicate, and be productive altogether.

  • Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace Integration

    We have been helping businesses integrate web components into their software products. With our system integration services, you can have a complete solution to migrate or sync businesses and organizations with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. Migrate Gmail mailboxes and synchronize calendars, contacts, tasks, and files between Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace seamlessly.

  • Slack & Zoom Integration

    By partnering with a leading system integration company in the USA, you can smoothly integrate business productivity and communication tools. We can help with integrating Slack and Zoom for online meetings, Phone calls, and instant screen sharing. Plus, leveraging Slack APIs can customize your internal tools, processes, and data to suit your company's specific needs.

  • Dropbox & Box Integration

    Through our system integration services, we make it simpler for you to integrate apps with Box and Dropbox to automatically sync your data and create powerful automation. Whether your goal is to streamline file sharing, expand the scope for collaboration or just to improve the data management, we have experts who can assist. Benefit from our integration solutions by fully experiencing the end-to-end potential between Box and Dropbox.

  • Custom API Integration

    ScalaCode is known for custom API development and integration. Our expert team uses REST, XML, RPC, and SOAP protocols to expand the capabilities of app programming. Our team can integrate third-party APIs, connect different systems, or create custom APIs for you.

  • VOIP integration

    A transition from your application or current communication system to VoIP technology is a simple process for our top system integrators. We can customize VoIP integration services in line with the needs of your organization.

Accounting & Finance

Accounting & Finance

Automate dull financial tasks, typos, and check your financial health by hiring us to integrate tools such as QuickBooks, Xero, and FreshBook into your operations. As a leading FinTech software development company, you get the best services for software development and integration. Rely on us for Salesforce accounting integration services to have better financial management solutions.

  • QuickBooks & Xero Integration

    We can integrate your online accounting solution with tools like QuickBooks and Xero. Our professional system integrators in India can help you streamline your financial processes and ensure smooth data flow between platforms. Optimize your accounting workflow and gain valuable insights into your financial data with our expertise in workflow automation software solutions.

  • NetSuite & Oracle ERP Integration

    Set aside your worries about the accounting system and let us help you put together a seamless integration of NetSuite and Oracle ERP systems. As a system integration services company, we can help you automate accounting processes or strengthen financial reporting with Netsuite payroll integration.

  • Stripe & Plaid Integration (for financial data)

    Let us perform Stripe & Plaid integration into your system to verify and collect your customer's banking information.

  • POS Systems Integration

    Achieve complete business visibility, increased productivity, and maximized system features through custom POS integration by ScalaCode's professionals. Our experts will assist you in establishing smooth data connectivity among your systems to enable comprehensive management of accounting and finance functions.

Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

Simplify your complicated and bulk data processing by having BI integration services including data source integration, ETL processes, and data modeling. We do system integration of tools like Salesforce, Databox, Tableau, etc across the fields of business enabling better data management and positive insights for clients.

  • Salesforce & Tableau Integration

    We have a successful track record of seamlessly integrating both Salesforce and Tableau for various operational processes. With our expertise in dashboard development and system integration, we ensure that the interlinking process is accurate and efficient. With this, you can connect and create beautiful, data-rich dashboards effortlessly.

  • HubSpot & Databox Integration

    As a data and analytics integration services leader, we focus on smooth Databox and HubSpot integration into your work processes. By using our skills you can link and style yielding good-looking, data-rich dashboards for monitoring marketing contribution, lead source, and customer interaction.

  • Marketo & Looker Integration

    We have a team of certified software engineers who can perform Marketo & Looker integration most feasibly. Practice, see, and share the most recent business analytics by integrating these tools with your data warehouse.

Other Popular Integrations

Other Popular Integrations

Update your software with the trendiest features. We will integrate your system with popular tools in the market that help you boost productivity for your business operations.

  • DocuSign & Adobe Sign

    Let document signing processes be an easy task with e-signature integration tools like DocuSign & Adobe Sign.

  • SurveyMonkey & Typeform

    We help you integrate SurveyMonkey & Typeform into your software solution to capture and analyze customer feedback efficiently.

  • Zendesk & Freshdesk

    With a system integration services company like ours, Zendesk & Freshdesk tool integration becomes seamless and helps deliver exceptional customer support.

  • EMR and EHR Integration

    Avail of EMR and EHR integration into your software to consolidate patient records for streamlined healthcare delivery.

Cloud Backend Integration

Cloud Backend Integration

Leverage the advantages of cloud computing for your software application by teaming up with us, a top-notch system integration service provider. We have expertise in working with diverse cloud system integrators like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. You can count on our team to create hybrid cloud environments. Our custom cloud integration solutions ensure secure data exchange, scalability, and optimized performance across your entire IT infrastructure.

  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP): Services like Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage, and Cloud Functions for scalable apps.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): AWS services like DynamoDB, S3 storage, and Lambda functions for robust backends.
  • Microsoft Azure: Integrate Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Blob Storage, and Azure Functions for backend development on Microsoft's cloud platform.
  • Firebase: (Backend as a Service - BaaS) Simplify backend development with Firebase for authentication, databases, cloud storage, and analytics.
Cloud Backend Integration

System Integration Consulting

Being one of the best technical consulting companies, we offer you a consultation and discover how we can transform your IT challenges into your biggest advantages. Our system integration consulting services will guide you in modernizing your IT infrastructure, developing custom software solutions, or integrating disparate systems.

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Take advantage of our system integration services to enhance the capabilities of your software.

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Our Flexible Engagement Models for System Integrations Project

To accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of business owners, we offer four flexible engagement models to avail of system integration services:

Why Prioritize ScalaCode™ As Your System Integration Service Partner?

Our efforts to optimize your IT resources, enhance system compatibility, and drive your business towards digital transformation and automation with minimal downtime make us positioned as the best system integration company. Thus, when it comes to integrating your IT systems into a single, unified ecosystem, we turn to the right resource for the businesses.

  • Experienced Developers

    Experienced Team of Developers

    With years of experience in IT and system integration across various industries, our developers bring a wealth of knowledge to deploy successful integrations.
  • Minimal Disruption

    Minimal Disruption

    While offering system integration services, we pride ourselves on our ability to seamlessly integrate systems with minimal impact on your day-to-day operations.
  • Data Integrity

    Data Integrity

    Being the best system integration company in the USA, we ensure to preserve the integrity of your data. We maintain the quality and consistency of your business data across all systems.
  • Security

    Security and Transparency

    We employ IP protection measures to protect your data and maintain clear communication throughout the project timeline to have transparency.
  • Quick Turnaround Times

    Quick Turnaround Times

    With agile methodologies and an expert team, we're able to deliver any system integration project undertaken by us on our promises quickly and effectively.

Get flawless connectivity between the software applications.

Our Custom System Integration Life Cycle

We have a thorough analysis of your business models and IT infrastructure to deliver the most effective system integration solution. Our system integration life cycle is simple and straightforward which improves your organizational data quality, consistency, and compatibility across software applications.

  • requirement-gathering
  • software-design
  • development
  • testing
    Quality Check
  • deployment
  • support-maintenance

Client Testimonials

They have been fantastic and providing the services that I need to get my projects completed on timely fashion. Very professional; you can count on them. In fact, I believe they go above and beyond and they provide insights, suggestions and recommendations that perhaps I never even thought up. And, of course, that’s what you expect from a provider that does development like they do. I highly recommend them for timely and quality work and you would never regret engaging in any kind of project.
So ScalaCode all the way!

JP Hatala

CEO at SnagPad

“I am currently using ScalaCode on an existing project that I am working on. And, from the get-go, they have been excellent; always available on-hand to help out. Their project managers, technical staffs - great, great, great availabilities.”


Director of CarKenny

In about 2020 right after Covid happened, I decided to go on this venture creating an application that can assist healthcare professionals in communication, social networking, scheduling, training and I was able to accomplish that with ScalaCode's team. I am very happy with the application.



I contacted ScalaCode for the project and we started around 2021. The company is very responsive and always take the extra mile to help you out. I highly recommend them; if you have a project, contact this company. They always respond on time even though there’s a time difference.


Director of 4Sale

I am currently using ScalaCode on an existing project that I am working on. And, from the get-go, they have been excellent; always available on-hand to help out. Their project managers, technical staffs - great, great, great availabilities.

Farid Lalji

Founder at Learn Arena

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