Our Process

ScalaCode is one of the prominent industry leaders in providing bespoke and dedicated software engineers to build scalable digital solutions. We make a perfect blend of tech expertise, proven methodologies, and extensive domain knowledge to yield software that adds value to your business.

Bespoke Software Development Process

  • client-briefing

    Client Briefing

    Stating the guidelines and boundaries to understand client’s needs.

  • research


    Researching the market to see what goals to set for the website’s design.

  • wireframe


    Drawing a wireframe to get a proper visual idea of what the design would look like.

  • concept


    Drafting various designs to ensure that we’ve got the concept right.

  • deployment


    Deploying the final design and making minor changes, if needed.

  • software-launch

    The Launch

    Once all is set, we happily launch the design.

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Mobile App Development Process

  • market-research

    Discovery and Market Research

    Deciding the key features of the app to be developed and forming an app strategy.

  • planning

    Planning and Strategizing

    Designing the layout of the app for approval.

  • design


    Designing UI/UX of the app rom scratch

  • development


    Developing the app and integrating web services into it.

  • quality-assurance

    Quality Assurance

    Running a quality assurance check

  • launch

    The Launch

    Launching the app on various mobile app stores.

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End to End Digitalization Process

  • customer-journey

    Optimizing Customer Journey

    We shape a journey that agrees with the customer’s needs.

  • digitization


    We see the user journey and try to make it quicker, simpler, and such that it ends up in a sale.

  • anticipation


    We wait and collect customer data to provide proactive assistance and predict future steps.

  • personalization


    We offer customized recommendations to customers to extend their journey.