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#Revealed: How Much Does Flutter App Development Cost?

#Revealed: How Much Does Flutter App Development Cost?

You are on this page because you have an app idea in mind. And you must be seeking to hire Flutter developers who can give you cost estimation and help you develop it.

Right? If so, you’ve come to the correct place. Keep reading to find out how we can help you reach your goal.

For many companies, apps are the most effective way to connect with customers and grow their businesses. Approximately 54% of marketers already utilize a mobile app to market their services.

But building a business-critical app that does everything you need to do can be costly, especially if you want an app that’s great-looking and runs well on multiple platforms. 

Fortunately, a few app development tools like Flutter can help reduce the cost of building cross-platform apps. Companies are using such tools for many reasons. Want to know why?

So, let’s first understand why Flutter is so popular, and then we will see how much Flutter app development costs? 

Why Are Companies Choosing Flutter Development Services For Their App Project?

Compared to native or alternative cross-platform app development platforms, choosing Flutter can offer many advantages. It claims to be less expensive, takes less time to build, and performs better.

There are other reasons why companies choose Flutter development services; here are a few.

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#Reason 1: Same UI and Business Logic in All Platforms 

Before deciding on a platform, consider a few factors, including your budget and timeline. With a cross-platform framework like Flutter, you’ll save time and money because you don’t have to develop separate versions for iOS and Android. 

In Flutter, the developer has to write a single code base for all platforms, one of the most significant advantages. You will have the same business logic and UI on all Android, iOS, or web platforms. You can work on the concept of writing once, and run everywhere.

#Reason 2: Global Community and Google Support 

The Flutter community is fast-growing, and it is winning the trust of mobile app developers all over the world. So far, it has received approximately 138k stars and 900+ contributors on GitHub. 

Similarly, Google has constantly provided programming support through community platforms and regular updates. Also, Flutter comes under the top ten most loved frameworks list as per Stack Overflow data.

#Reason 3: Hot Reload Features

While it has always been challenging to see rapid and minor changes while writing code, especially during UI design on native platforms, Flutter has eliminated this limitation with its hot-reload functionality. 

It will allow you to resolve errors efficiently, adding new features without sacrificing speed. Thus, it is one of the most notable features of Flutter. 

Now, let’s get into the topic: Of flutter app development cost.

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Flutter App Development Service- How Much Does It Cost In 2022?

There is no clear set of answers to this question, as the cost of Flutter app development can vary depending on various factors. Therefore, to get your business up and running with your own custom application, you’ll have to know key factors that can significantly impact the price of your app with Flutter.

Factors That Affect the Cost of App Development With Flutter

Here are key factors that affect the cost of developing an app with Flutter and how those costs vary based on each aspect.

  1. App Complexity:

An app’s complexity can have a significant impact on its cost. In general, as an app becomes more complex, it will take longer to build and require more programmers. For example, if you have features that rely heavily on location-based data or new technologies like Augmented Reality, those are likely to drive up your costs. 

Having these considerations in mind as you create your app will help you avoid unnecessary additional costs.

App Type Estimate Cost Time
Simple App Development $40,000 to $60,000 2-3 months
Basic App Development $60,000 to $150,000 3-6 months
Complex App Development from $300,000 9+ months
  1. App Categorization

Categorizing an app helps determine what type of user you’re targeting. Depending on your industry, more than one category might apply to your app, so think about how it’s being used in conjunction with other apps on someone’s device. 

If you have multiple features within your app, consider different categories for those areas as well—for example, a social networking app may be split into dating and friendship sections. 

The app store categories that your app falls into also affect the development cost. Generally speaking, business and productivity apps are more expensive to develop than games or social networking apps. 

Business and productivity apps require more features and functionality, while games and taxi apps are generally simpler to build.

App Type Estimate Cost Time
Game App $30,000-$250,000 1,600h
Taxi App (Uber) $32,000-$400,000 1,600h
eCommerce App $30,000-$250,000 1,600h
Business App $50,000-$200,000 1,200h
Video Streaming App $30,000-$300,000 1,600h
Healthcare App $45,000-$300,000 1,200h
  1. Application Design

Design is one of those factors that contribute to an app’s cost. The more features your application has and any extra design elements will lead to higher costs. 

Also, remember- that a more seamless combination of UI and UX in an application results in a better user experience. As a result, users are enticed to learn more about the application’s features.

  1. Location of Developers

A big part of mobile app development costs comes from where you hire your developers. Although, there are a couple of reasons for that. First, experienced developers in expensive cities like San Francisco and New York City often earn more than those in cheaper areas. 

The skills gap is also more significant in highly competitive areas, implying that you must pay more to get good people at what they do. When negotiating a price for Flutter development services, you must be realistic about how much cost you are ready to spend without sacrificing quality.

Here are Flutter developer rates in the different regions:

Location Hourly Rate ($)
North America $75-$120
India $20-$40
Latin America $30-$50
Australia $40-$70
Africa $20-$49
  1. Support and Maintenance

Changes in an application are essential from time to time to guarantee that your software remains appealing to consumers. As a result, it is not enough to limit your project to creating a Flutter app; you must also consider the cost of future maintenance and error-fixing.

Hiring a professional developer to build your app will help minimize support and maintenance costs. The more complex your application is, and the bigger your audience, the more valuable a dedicated support team becomes. 

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Final Words!

When determining the cost of a Flutter app development project, there are numerous aspects to consider. However, you can get a better picture of what to expect if you consider all of the above points.

Moreover, when looking for an app development service, look for a company with experience developing apps with Flutter. If you want to hire Flutter developers, choose a firm that offers dedicated developers who have a proven track record in using Flutter. 

Thanks for reading!


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