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For over 12 years, the ScalaCode team has been dedicated to programming bespoke real estate platforms and apps. Real estate agencies, brokers, landlords, and property managers turn to us for a suite of real estate software development services. Trust us, a top real estate software development company to create custom property management software, real estate CRM solutions, real estate listing software, etc.

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Why ScalaCode?

97% Happy Clients

97% Happy Clients

Whether we're working on custom real estate mobile apps or property portal development, our KPI says it all: an impressive 97% client satisfaction rate.

50+ Companies Outsourced

50+ Companies Outsourced

from us including early-stage startups, small businesses, and large corporations to have bespoke real estate platforms for their business.

4.5 Star Rating

4.5 Star Rating

On platforms like GoodFirms and Clutch, our real estate software development services boast an outstanding 4.5-star rating from satisfied clients on average.

Our Expertise In Real Estate Software Development

We Create Diverse Real Estate Software Solutions

  • Real Estate Management Software Development

    Specializing in creating bespoke Rental Management Systems, we offer end-to-end solutions that cover the entire spectrum of their needs, from managing listings to transactions.

  • Multiple Listing Platform Creation

    We create a real estate listing software that makes the adding, editing, searching, and managing of property listings easy and intuitive.

  • Property Management Software

    Clients can rely on us to build custom property management software that can simplify essential tasks, including rent collection, maintenance, and tenant communication.

  • Real Estate Valuation Engines

    As a tech-driven real estate software development company, we develop advanced valuation tools for real estate investors that help them with accurate insights into the market value of a property.

  • HOA Management Software

    From defining HOA rules to handling administrative tasks, trust real estate software development service providers like ours to develop homeowner association management software.

  • Real Estate ERP Solution

    Integrate finance, HR, procurement, and project management for enhanced efficiency by developing custom real estate ERP software from our team of highly skilled developers.

  • Real Estate Asset Management Software

    Managing property assets is a critical aspect of the real estate industry, thus our experts help in developing asset management software that simply tracks what is happening with your assets.

  • Facility Management Solution

    As a provider of real estate software development services, we develop powerful tools for managing facilities, including maintenance, space usage, and tenant services.

  • Property Administration Software

    We have developed property administration software that is incredibly user-friendly, allowing landlords and property managers to effectively manage legal obligations.

  • Real Estate CRM Systems

    Hire certified developers from us to develop industry-specific real estate CRM solutions that streamline sales processes, boost engagement, and improve customer relationships.

  • Property Portal Development

    Our developers will create intuitive property portals with advanced search capabilities like mortgage calculators, interactive maps, filters, and more to ensure there is no delay in closing deals.

  • Real Estate Analytics

    Have data-driven insights into market trends, property performance, and investment opportunities by hiring us to build custom real estate analytics tools.

  • Rental Management Software

    We build rental property management software for the real estate industry with features like tenant screening, lease agreements, payment processing, and more.

  • Online Property Booking Solutions

    We help in developing online platforms for seamless property reservations, simplifying the booking process for clients and property owners.

  • Apartment-For-Rent Applications

    We can help you create user-friendly real estate apps for apartment seekers, making it easy to find and rent properties.

  • Home Search App

    People often find it challenging to find their dream homes; we let you simplify this task by creating a home search app for your users.

  • Land-For-Sale Applications

    You can create an application that makes it easy for people to find the best land for sale in their preferred area in just a matter of a few clicks.

  • Brokerage Application

    We can develop an application that facilitates brokerage operations and has features like real-time updates, price alerts, property search, etc.

Success Stories

Streamlining Land Management - A Custom Web App
Real Estate Custom Web Application for Streamlining Land Register Management

Custom Web Application for Streamlining Land Register Management

Recognizing a significant need in the real estate sector, a leading entity aimed to create a web application for smooth land register management. The project was named -EMTB (Land Registers Module).

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Carkenny - Empowering Vehicle Ownwer
Automotive Empowering Vehicle Owners with an AI-Driven Mobile App for Enhanced Security, Connectivity, and Control

Empowering Vehicle Owners with an AI-Driven Mobile App for Enhanced Security, Connectivity, and Control

In today’s tech-driven world, households with multiple vehicles and concerned parents often grapple with multiple challenges related to their automobiles.

View Case Study
LineWork - Revolutionizing eCommerce with Cryptocurrency
FinTech Cryptocurrency & NFTs based E-commerce Platform

Cryptocurrency & NFTs based E-commerce Platform

During the rise of cryptocurrency and its immense potential, there existed a market gap for a platform where users could buy and sell exclusive goods and services directly with cryptocurrency, without the need to exchange it for fiat currency.

View Case Study
Digitising- Job Search Process with a Gamified
eLearning Digitizing Job Search Process with a Gamified Approach through a Progressive Web App

Digitizing Job Search Process with a Gamified Approach through a Progressive Web App

CareerForward envisaged crafting a state-of-the-art Progressive Web App dedicated to revolutionizing the modern job-seeking experience.

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Benefit of Hiring Us For Real Estate Software Solutions

12+ Years of Experience

With over a decade in the industry, we possess profound knowledge of real estate and software solutions for success.

Agile Development Process

Our agile approach guarantees on-time, on-budget delivery of real estate software solutions, offering flexibility and adaptability.

Robust Solutions

We offer enterprise-level real estate apps, emphasizing resiliency, scalability, and high availability using containerization, microservices, and CI/CD pipelines.

Security and Compliance

Our vast knowledge covers mobile, desktop, and web applications, guaranteeing adherence to HIPAA, GDPR, etc. while maintaining the utmost security of our products.

100% Ownership

Customers have full ownership and control of their real estate software, including source code and intellectual property.

Technology independent

We select optimal technologies for each real estate app project. Our team is proficient in all mainstream technologies and frameworks.

Experience real estate's future with next-generation software. Contact us!

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Client Testimonials

They have been fantastic and providing the services that I need to get my projects completed on timely fashion. Very professional; you can count on them. In fact, I believe they go above and beyond and they provide insights, suggestions and recommendations that perhaps I never even thought up. And, of course, that’s what you expect from a provider that does development like they do. I highly recommend them for timely and quality work and you would never regret engaging in any kind of project.
So ScalaCode all the way!

JP Hatala

CEO at SnagPad

“I am currently using ScalaCode on an existing project that I am working on. And, from the get-go, they have been excellent; always available on-hand to help out. Their project managers, technical staffs - great, great, great availabilities.”


Director of CarKenny

In about 2020 right after Covid happened, I decided to go on this venture creating an application that can assist healthcare professionals in communication, social networking, scheduling, training and I was able to accomplish that with ScalaCode's team. I am very happy with the application.



I contacted ScalaCode for the project and we started around 2021. The company is very responsive and always take the extra mile to help you out. I highly recommend them; if you have a project, contact this company. They always respond on time even though there’s a time difference.


Director of 4Sale

I am currently using ScalaCode on an existing project that I am working on. And, from the get-go, they have been excellent; always available on-hand to help out. Their project managers, technical staffs - great, great, great availabilities.

Farid Lalji

Founder at Learn Arena

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