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Our team of dedicated iOS app developers has an impressive history in the industry, having developed 500+ apps with a 4.5-star average client rating. Their proficiency in creating iOS applications, coupled with their attention to detail for aesthetics and functionality, is unparalleled and bring them amongst the top iOS app developers in India.

We guarantee to deploy specialist engineers as we conduct thorough interviews to ensure our iOS developers are knowledgeable in Xcode, Objective-C, Swift, and the iOS SDK. Moreover, they have a profound understanding of Apple's App Store regulations, which allows them to engineer perfect native applications for iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch users.

At ScalaCode, we provide the best 3% of the top iOS app developers in India and around the world. No matter if your project requires a full-time or part-time specialist, our flexible hiring model enables you to get paired up with the ideal team for your project.

Contact us today to discuss your dream mobile application and hire iOS developers of your choice.

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  • Pre-vetted developers
  • Top 3% of iOS Developers Access
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Global Brands That Trust Us

Our iOS Developer Expertise In You Anticipate

ScalaCode is committed to matching your expectations! Our dedicated iOS app developers thoroughly evaluate all your project complexities, consider your core business values, and deep-drive your process flow and then facilitate you to hire the right developers for your needs. Let’s understand what developer expertise we deliver to our clients.


Industry Expert iOS Developers

Leveraging the high-end technologies, industry trends, and your domain requirement, our dedicated iOS app developers can build and deploy seamless, user-friendly, and innovative apps to drive efficiency and profitability at scale. Whether to start from scratch, perform migration, or handle maintenance, our developers are proficient enough to do so.


Custom iOS Development

Our iOS developers can develop your project as per your customized requirements. To ensure that your app is customized as you expected, we understand your work culture, know your specific operational flow, and listen to your core customization needs. We can also perform integration, data/app migration, and more as per your need.


End-To-End Development

We simplify your development process and ensure that you get an end-to-end solution from development, deployment, quality assurance to final launching. When you choose ScalaCode to hire iOS Developers, you get an all-in-one solution by eliminating the need of hiring multiple people for multiple tasks.


iOS App Redesigning

If you are seeking to re-engineer your app with enhanced capabilities and possible future potential, our developers can deliver accordingly. Addressing your current and upcoming business practices and continuously generating user requirements, we can redesign your app and introduce new features or functional capabilities.


iOS App Migration & Upgrades

To ensure better user experience and uninterrupted services within your organization, hiring our certified iOS developers can help. They can perform seamless data migration when it comes to transferring your data from an existing configured system to a newly installed or upgraded system. We can also ensure timely app or version upgrades.


iOS App Maintenance

To effectively roll out your business operations and drive improved user experience, hire iOS app developers from ScalaCode. Our expert developers well-versed in custom development, quality assurance, and advanced integration skills can ensure the smoother working of your app across all circumstances and offer timely maintenance as well.

Advantages of Hiring our iOS Developers

Hiring iOS developers from ScalaCode is quite advantageous. It helps you connect with highly-skilled iOS developers with years of industry exposure and domain expertise and get the best business apps from them.

  • Save Resourcing Efforts

    Save Resourcing Efforts

    Omit the time-consuming and effortful process of hiring resources. We enable you to focus more on your core work rather than indulging in just the resourcing process to find the right fit iOS Developers to work on your project.
  • Cost–Effective Solution

    Cost–Effective Solution

    While reserving quality delivery, we help clients to save their iOS Mobile development costs up to 60%. We assure quality-equipped delivery wrapped with reduced cost, time, and efforts that lead to efficiency and profitability at scale.
  • Security & Compliance Management

    Security & Compliance Management

    Since your data is crucial and requires additional security layers while performing global data processing, ScalaCode takes responsibility for your information security part as we adhere to standard global compliance and regulations.
  • Accessibility to Expert Developers

    Accessibility to Expert Developers

    Listening to your requirements, we screen and find the right iOS developers suited to your customized needs and futuristic anticipations. You can interview the developers that we suggest based on your specific project requirements and hire iOS app developers that appear the right developers for your needs.

Hire iOS Developers from A Pool of iOS Experts

Seeking to drive highly elevated results? We can help to initiate with. We help businesses to hire iOS app developers with the right-fit skill-set, and domain-hold to confidently undertake and deliver your project fulfilling your promising part.


Discuss Your Requirements

You can share your project requirements with us. Our experienced business consultant evaluates your requirements and connect with you in the least possible time.


Select CV

Once we receive your request, we share the CVs/resumes of the candidates matching your project criteria and relevant skillset to help you hire dedicated iOS app developers. If none of the resumes satisfies you, we come up with other candidates’ resumes.


Take interview

We conduct an interview session once you shortlist resumes. You can evaluate the candidates’ skillset for domain expertise, technical knowledge, communication, etc to hire iOS app developers matching your needs.


Our onboarding process starts immediately once you finalize the engineers to hire. We offer a seamless onboarding process and employ the resources on your project in the least possible time.

Add the resource to your team

One that meets your expectations during the scheduled interview, you can include that developer to your team for your project.

In case, the developer you hire fails to meet your expectations, you can raise your concern, and we help you with quick resource replacement without any cost. We share some more resumes, and you can hire iOS app developers of your choice.

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Our Latest Projects


Industries We Work With

  • HealthCare
  • eCommerce
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Banking & Finance
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Legal & Law Firms

Digital Healthcare Solutions

Leverage the experience and expertise of our tech enthusiasts to cut down the cost and time to build innovative solutions. Get advanced healthcare products developed by professionals and improve your healthcare systems to deliver unmatched customer service.

  • Inventory Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Self-Diagnosing
  • Virtual Monitoring
  • Augmenting Surgeries
  • Pharmacy Management

Next-Gen eCommerce Solutions

Our certified eCommerce developers can help you develop feature-packed eCommerce solutions in your desired niche. Our developers can build custom eCommerce platforms that match your needs and helps you to boost your revenue.

  • 360 Degree Product View
  • Secure In-app Payment
  • Easy Product Filtering
  • Enable Push Notifications
  • Social Media Integration
  • User Analytics Integration

Real Estate Platform

Grow your real estate business competently using advanced and scalable real estate solutions. Our proficient software engineers develop robust, scalable, and reliable digital solutions that simplify your customers' journey. Our professionals cover vital aspects to build bespoke real estate softwares.

  • Property Cost Calculators
  • Virtual Tour Services
  • Call or Direct Messaging
  • Booking Consultation
  • Map View Integration
  • Simple Registration Process

Dynamic EdTech Solutions

We have a team of a wide range of engineers who provide cutting-edge IT solutions to transform the eLearning education industry. They mainly emphasize upon introducing new and fun ways of learning. Develop an interactive learning app with us to give a whole new online learning experience.

  • Social Media Integration
  • Gamification and Rewards
  • Generate Test Reports
  • Video-based Content
  • Live Tutorials and Sessions
  • Personalized User Experience

Advanced Travel & Hospitality System

Employ certified developers to develop customer-centric hospitality & travel solutions that are beneficial to establishing seamless connectivity between your customer and you. We help you develop advanced travel & hospitality solutions that offer multiple features in-hand and reduce physical efforts.

  • Geolocation Tracking
  • Weather Forecasting Service
  • Reviews & Recommendations
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Flight & Hotel Booking
  • Secure Payment Transactions

Online Banking & Finance Solutions

Our developers are well-versed in building the remarkable banking and finance solutions that add value to financial organizations, banking institutions, and insurance companies. Our team of tech veterans can help you develop result-driven and highly secured finance software solutions.

  • Security & Fraud Alerts
  • New account Enrollment
  • Interest Rate Calculation
  • Enable Record Maintenance
  • CRM
  • Loan Management System

Digital Media & Entertainment Platform

Developers at ScalaCode can help you attract audiences with scalable, on-demand, and adaptable media & entertainment solutions. Our engineers can provide you with innovative and industry-savvy digital platforms that offer multiple features like streaming, broadcasting, engaging content delivery, etc.

  • Audio & Video Streaming
  • Real-time Content Update
  • Text & GPS Enabled Facilities
  • Live Chatting Option
  • In-app Purchases
  • Live Streaming of TV Shows

Why Choose iOS for your Next Mobile App Project?

iOS is a perfect choice for scalable and user-centric mobile app development. Mobile apps based on this platform offer ultimate features that are well-matched for numerous business domains.

The platform has become a lucrative asset for multiple businesses. The level of security and robustness the iOS application offers is hard to find elsewhere. Due to exemplary user experience, rich-quality standards, better app revenue, and security of enterprises’ data, iOS has become the most preferred platform for mobile app development.


Why is ScalaCode the Best Choice to Hire Dedicated iOS App Developers?

Looking for Other Engineers for App Development?

Companies trust ScalaCode to hire dedicated developers for their varied business needs. Our developers solve complex business challenges through innovation and agility. Let us help you to find the best minds that simplify your digital transformation journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire iOS app developers from ScalaCode?

The cost to hire iOS developers totally depends on the complexity level of your project. For instance, the type of app, app size, number of specific features, app integration requirement, or data migration needs, etc.

To know more, you can always connect to ScalaCode.

What are the pricing models of ScalaCode while hiring iOS Developers?

We offer a flexible hiring model suited to your specific business needs. You can hire iOS app programmers considering our three engagement models. Your pricing may vary depending on your project length and complexity level.

Do you sign an NDA Agreement?

We understand how your data and its security part is crucial to you. Thereby, we sign an NDA agreement when you decide to hire iOS application Developers. This will ensure that your data is protected from any sort of unauthorized sources and you can stay assured about your data security and reliability. Through this Non-Disclosure Agreement, your app idea also remains secure with us.

Can I interview a developer you recommend to me?

Yes, you can interview a developer until you get satisfied, but we want to assure you that we comprise a team of the top iOS app developers in India to undertake, handle, and deliver challenging projects within a committed time frame.

Initially, our certified iOS developers hold a minimum of 5-years of market experience with a sturdy hold on developing quality-assured market-driven apps.

How much minimum experience does your iOS developer hold?

We are integrated with iOS developers with a minimum of 5-years of app development experience. They involve high-end technical caliber and a mindset to handle and overcome challenges while working on your project.

Depending on your project’s complexities, budget, and preferences, we help you hire dedicated iOS developers matching your needs. We ensure that the chosen developer will effectively and efficiently undertake your project and can deliver as expected.

How long does it take to develop an app?

Usually, it takes minimum 4 to 8 weeks to attain your project completion. Rest, depending on your project length, complexity level, feature counts, and navigational requirement, it can be told once you discuss your project with us.

How flexible are you with different time zones?

Our team includes the top iOS app developers in India and various parts of the world. Hence when you reach to hire iOS App Developers, we can provide you the right developers available in your time-zone.

Do I need to sign a contract when it comes to hiring your iOS Developer?

Yes, we sign a contract which is made on both the ScalaCode and Client’s mutual acceptance. It helps to reserve rights and ensure liability throughout the project cycle. For further details, connect with us, we can explain.

What if I want to change the developer while being disappointed with the earlier one?

We assign you the best developers matching your needs. So, chances are quite low you will ever come to us with this request to hire their replacements. However, if it happens, we will provide the best assistance.

Whom to share or consult if I need further modifications or edits?

Once you hire dedicated iOS app developers from ScalaCode, we serve you in the best possible way. All our iOS developers work under the eyes of our project managers. If you feel the need to consult or talk to our project managers, you can always keep your inputs or suggestions to them to ensure the right flow of your project development.

What are the vital features of Swift?

Swift is a programming language to develop iOS applications with accuracy and seamless effect. Here are a few vital features that you can expect while interviewing an iOS developer for your next project:

You can either do your own study to know whether the developer is responding accurately or you can leave this to us to decide iOS developer addressing your core requirement and understanding your substantial workflow.

How do you differentiate synchronous tasks from asynchronous tasks in iOS?

Technically sound iOS developers will be able to answer this question in a more specific and practical way. You can expect as - Synchronous means running on the main thread while Asynchronous means running tasks on a background thread.

Can you explain the architecture of iOS?

This is a crucial question that you must ask an iOS developer. An expert developer never hesitates to answer your question since they are confident about what they are exactly going to create.

Every expert iOS developer knows that iOS architecture involves 4-layers and each layer comprises of a programming framework. Further, they may explain starting with the lowest layer level covering all the required aspects and reaching the upper level of layers.

For your reference, lower-level layers are designed to offer services that all the apps are required to be implemented whereas upper-level layers offer services that include interface and graphics design-related terms.

What is Lazy property in iOS? When to use it?

This is quite a technical question you ask a developer during an interview. A developer with sound expertise in iOS can genuinely provide the correct answer.

The usual answer you can expect could be: Lazy property is the property wherein the initial value cannot be calculated until it hasn’t been used at least once.

While elaborating on the next part of this question, an expert iOS developer can briefly explain this answer, which will go more technical. Initially, you can understand as - Lazy property can be used when you need to configure an object once inside a class that you do not need to initialize during your class workflow.

Which framework is used to construct an application’s UI for iOS?

This one is again a vital question that you must ask when you conduct an interview to hire iOS app developers for your app development.

An accurate answer that you can expect from the developer is- UIKit is a framework used to build or construct iOS applications UI. An expert developer leverages this framework to ensure seamless and interrupted interactions among the user, app, and system.

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