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Achieving 97% customer satisfaction, we are your one-stop DevOps solutions company. We specialise in utilising advanced DevOps techniques to streamline the digital transformation process – enabling organisations to drastically diminish their delivery times.

Our experienced team optimises CI/CD pipelines, utilises cloud DevOps services, and improves release cycles by up to 20x faster. Additionally, our DevOps engineering services can help you lower your overall IT costs by up to 20%.

  • 99% On-Time Delivery
  • Risk-Free Services
  • Value-Added Solutions
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Proven Methodologies

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The Expertise of Our DevOps Engineers

Our DevOps enginerring team incorporates vital development tools, practices for software delivery, and the CI/CD process. We help you streamline your business operations and automate infrastructure to accelerate the product development cycle.

Rigorous Assessment & Planning

We analyse the current organisation conditions and gain and in-depth understand of architecture, processes, and infrastructure configurations to create a roadmap for a streamlined future.

Automated Infrastructure Through IaC

Our DevOps team will create automated infrastructure via robust Infrastructure as Code (IaC) practices. We configure testing, staging, and production environments to ensure seamless continuity.

Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

Our DevOps team can help you build an efficient and Continuous Integration & Deployment process to accelerate release product management. We use tools such as Jenkins, Bamboo, GoCD, Circle CI, Octopus and Azure DevOps.

Microsservices Architecture

Our DevOps engineers can train and assist your Development team in setting up Micro-services based product development architecture helping your software scale on-demand. Be it a Single Page app or a robust, multi-layered product ecosystem, they can handle it all.

Robust Security

We follow strong security practices and guidelines that also includes automated processes using Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, Azure RM, compliance orientation, penetration testing, XSS vulnerabilities audit etc to make sure your software is full-proof from attacks and security threats.

Resource Planning

Our DevOps engineers can plan technology resources for your product. We have a team of DevOps professionals that offer consulting and implementation services on many Cloud Infrastructures such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernotes, Docker Swarm and monitoring services using New Relic, AWS CloudWatch, Azure Monitor, DataDog, Prometheus and Splunk.

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A Progressive Web App For Desk-Less Workers Utilising Micro-Action Engine

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Remarkable Benefits Of Our DevOps Consulting Services

  • team-of-professionals

    Specialized Team

    ScalaCode comprises a team of industry-experienced DevOps Experts to dedicatedly undertake and initiate working on your DevOps project. Understanding your specific DevOps implementation needs, business flow, and associated objectives, we ensure efficient DevOps solutions.
  • flexible-engagement-policy

    Flexible Engagements

    We are truly flexible and serve the same to our clients. Depending on your core requirements and desired budget for your DevOps Solutions, we offer four flexible engagement models to choose from - 1 Dedicated Team, 2. Fixed Price, 3. Time & Material, and 4. Offshore Development.
  • flexible-working-approach

    Flexible Working

    To offer better suitability in terms of your project working hours, our DevOps experts work as per your flexibility or your specific time zone. This helps to ensure seamless involvement and drive balance throughout your project implementation.
  • seamless-collaboration

    Seamless Collaboration

    We facilitate you with seamless involvement throughout your DevOps implementation wherein you can involve with your hired team of experts in real-time and can provide them with the necessary feedback to be implemented as we adhere to a highly flexible and agile working methodology.
  • cost-effectiveness

    Best Price Offering

    We offer the best quote for your DevOps solutions and services. We charge for what we serve and never ask for any sort of hidden pricing. We even help you save your DevOps investment up to 60% by implementing our unique approach i.e. seamless strategies and flexible pricing.
  • dedicated-support

    Continuous Support

    Through our continuous, reliable, and seamless DevOps support, we help and ensure project success within a given time frame followed by the required parameters. Our dedicated support is provided across all levels or touchpoints of your DevOps project deployment.

Flexible Engagement Models

Customer satisfaction is our top-most priority; hence we offer flexible engagement models to help them achieve their goals in minimal time. You can hire skilled software developers by choosing the best-suited engagement model for your projects.

Dedicated Team

Under this model, we provide software engineers for long-term projects. You can hire our experts for their experience and skillset, manage the team from your end and assign them tasks accordingly. We can deploy a senior project manager for seamless project and team management. Your agile team will also include certified scrum master to ensure timely project completion with top-most quality.

  • Cost-effective Approach
  • Less Administrative Overhead
  • Quick-paced Development Cycle
  • Timely Reporting


Professionals hired under this model will execute the projects on a fixed-price and billing basis. In case you do not have a well-defined project strategy, we can provide a certified project consultant who will help you make a techno-functional project plan.

  • Complete control over budget
  • Ease of Management
  • No hidden cost
  • On-time Project Delivery

Time & Material

This model gives higher flexibility in terms of modifying and developing the project. The project cost estimation depends upon project execution time and the number of resources deployed on the project.

  • Ease of management
  • Great flexibility
  • Reduced cost and time
  • On-time Product Delivery

Offshore Development

You can opt for this model that provides a flexible workforce, faster issues resolution, high expertise, and reasonable costs. Under this model, you will have access to reliable offshore developers at a lower operational cost.

  • Access to Expert workforce
  • Shared responsibility
  • Managed Team
  • Cost-Efficient

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  • You Save a Big Amount every month
  • Competitive Pricing
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Timely Project Delivery
  • Advanced Infrastructure
  • 1400+ Global Clients
  • 200+ Qualified Resources

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Why Should Businesses Choose DevOps Engineers?

DevOps’ acceptance has become necessary for organizations to enhance product quality and hassle-free product deployment. DevOps focuses on minimizing bottleneck between development teams and creates automation to eliminate communication gaps.

Moreover, choosing DevOps services facilitates numerous benefits like continuous integration and deployment, efficient documentation with proper code synchronization, technical scalability, easy-to-spot errors, a stable operating atmosphere, etc.

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