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Proven Guide To Software Development In Healthcare

Negi Negi 07/12/2022
Proven Guide To Software Development In Healthcare

There will be no misconception that the healthcare industry could be the next scalable industry for worldwide businesses seeking to establish their footprints in the same. However, to remain competitive, availing of software development services could be a proven milestone for them.

In recent years, the healthcare industry took a sudden lope among global businesses, especially post-pandemic, and is continuously reserving its popularity in the global marketplace. 

So, if you are planning to work on your healthcare industry goals or seeking a startup in the healthcare industry, outsourcing healthcare development from a highly proficient company could be a suitable yet profitable deal for your business.

To deep dive into the concept of developing a healthcare app, let’s start understanding from the market overview.

Market Scope & Overview

In the worldwide market, somehow pandemic situations encouraged the demand in the digital healthcare marketplace. With the emergence of technology and remote healthcare services, the industry is in the eyes of major market investors and business hubs to be transformed in the next upcoming years.

According to GMI insights, the digital health market was US$195 billion in the year 2021 and is expected to grow with a CAGR of more than 16% by 2030.

Statista says, the medical mobile app market value was estimated at US$2.4 billion in the year 2017 and is further expected to grow to over US$11 billion by 2025.

However, terms like healthcare and medical care are different from each other but somehow relate when we talk about the healthcare industry. While considering these stats, it won’t be difficult for the healthcare market to have a higher growth rate in the upcoming years.

Before we move ahead, let’s define the core concept of Healthcare software development.

What Is Healthcare Software Development?

Healthcare Software Development is all about developing a software solution to track & manage internal processes, connect patients & doctors, analyze data, and more.

Considering the general term that stimulated the market is healthcare tracking apps helping the end-users to track health issues and get the potential healthcare advice to be followed in real-time.

These days, various healthcare apps are rolling out in the market. For instance, EHR (Electronic Health Records), Medical Service Experience, hospital management software, patient engagement tools, pharmacy management solutions, and this list goes on.

How Custom Healthcare Software Development Can Help to Improve Healthcare Practices?

Rather than leveraging manual practices or using a common software for your distinct healthcare care practices, developing your custom healthcare solution can help you to improve your overall healthcare operational efficiency.

Here is how custom healthcare software development can help to drive efficiency:

Improved Decision Making

Healthcare app/web solution equipped with AI algorithms helps medical or healthcare professionals to make faster decisions in real time. With the accessibility of patients’ medical history in a single view, it helps the professional to make smarter and faster decisions.

Accuracy In Diagnostics Practices

Healthcare web and app solutions help medical or diagnostics experts to accurately diagnose, plan, and ensure timely medical reports to support further treatment. These solutions truly help to speed up the diagnostics process as well as the patient’s treatment.

Improved & Efficient Communication

With the help of telehealth applications, healthcare professionals or doctors can connect seamlessly to drive efficient consultations, and healthcare discussions.

Reduced Efforts

When things are processed through smarter healthcare solutions, it helps to reduce the manual or paperwork, manpower efforts, and more. Eventually, it improves the productivity level with accuracy and efficiency while reducing the costs invested in manual processing.

Better Equipment Management

Healthcare apps developed for equipment management help to track and monitor the performance of medical equipment in real-time, optimize its use, and prevent equipment from failing.

Minimized Costs 

When healthcare practices are performed by leveraging smarter healthcare apps and web solutions, it impacts your overall working process, reduces overhead, minimizes manpower work, etc. and this results in minimizing the overall costs.

Remarkable Benefits of Custom Healthcare Software Development

In recent years, healthcare software development has become popular to serve multiple healthcare purposes. There could be several potential benefits compelling end-users to effectively make use of.

In usual terms, healthcare software development services can be availed of serving the following two types of users:

Benefits For Medical Users

  • To ensure accurate diagnosis
  • To support faster decision-making in real-time
  • To drive improved communication between medical professionals and patients.
  • To ensure better service and equipment management
  • To minimize healthcare costs and improve patient care.

Benefits For General Users

  • To diagnose, track, and manage health concerns.
  • To track, drive, and manage fitness goals.
  • To ensure seamless and real-time healthcare data access.
  • For on-demand accessible Healthcare solutions.
  • Improved communication 
  • Secured payment processing

Types of Healthcare Software Development

  • Electronic Health Record Software (EHR)
  • Hospital Management System (HMS)
  • Healthcare CRM
  • Mobile Health
  • Patient Engaging Tools
  • Medical Device Software
  • Pharmacy
  • Healthcare eCommerce
  • Patient Portals
  • Telehealth
  • Healthcare Data Analytics

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Essential Features for Your Custom Software Healthcare Development

There could be a different set of features in different software/app solutions serving different purposes. However, the majority of healthcare apps comprise the usual features demonstrated below:

Health Monitoring

One of the most vital features to track and monitor health concerns or diseases is Healthcare tracking and monitoring. This feature allows end-users to monitor their health, follow the suggestions made based on health issues, and drive their fitness goals.

Appointment Scheduling

Rather than waiting for their turn while on-site processing, today’s users prefer to schedule their appointment leveraging the web app/mobile app solutions. So, this could be another smarter feature to imbibe.

In-App Payments

In-App Payment feature enables your users to make seamless and hassle-free payments in terms of the subscription fee, appointment scheduling fee/counseling fee, online healthcare shopping, and more. So, make sure that you equip your mobile/web app with this crucial feature.

Reporting & Analytics

Another vital feature to introduce is Reporting & Analytics, which allows making reports and performing analysis based on the gathered data. This feature works on AI-based algorithms. These AI-based reports & analytics help medical or healthcare professionals to improve healthcare practices, prevent diseases, and ensure safer practices.

Wearables Integration

Again a vital feature to imbibe is social/wearable integration. When there is a need to connect your medical devices and wearable devices with your healthcare application, this feature takes place. Here wearable devices include fitness bands/smartwatches and health trackers. Applying this integration helps to synchronize data from the wearable or healthcare device to your healthcare app to generate healthcare stats and reports in your app.

How Much Does It Cost for Healthcare App Development?

Healthcare app development practices embrace several things to work on. Several factors are considered while estimating your actual cost for healthcare software development. Here are considerable parameters:

  • Depending on your core or niche-specific requirements, your cost for healthcare software development services may vary.
  • Further, your cost also depends on the complexity level of your custom healthcare software development. The more complex your project will be, the more it will cost.
  • Selecting the engagement model can affect your project costing.
  • Your costing will also be defined according to your integration needs, or if you require API development to facilitate specific integration.
  • If you also avail of our post-deployment support, maintenance, or app/web promotion services, you have to pay additionally.

So, we have exhibited all the usual situations that can affect your development pricing. Rest you need to discuss your overall project requirement to get the actual estimated cost for your software development healthcare solutions.

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How Outsourcing Healthcare Software Development Services from Us Could Be Proven Profitable for You

Being a trustworthy healthcare software development company, ScalaCode provides highly scalable and optimum quality healthcare software and application development. We specialize across all healthcare verticals. We develop solutions from clinical management to patient diagnosis & treatment.

Our efficient offerings for software development in healthcare also comprise healthcare eCommerce development, wearables & fitness tracking solutions, and more. Now, let’s understand how outsourcing our software development in healthcare can help you to attain your set goals.

Highly Productive Team

We imbibe a team of highly efficient, dedicated, and productive developers, designers, QA experts, project managers, etc, to work on your dream project. As a medical software development company, our development team is holding proficiency and healthcare domain expertise to understand your customized needs and develop your project satisfying your core objectives.

Flexible Engagement

ScalaCode offers a highly flexible approach in terms of engagement. Out of our 3-engagement model, you can select the best suited as per your budget and timely fulfillment requirement. Our engagement models include Dedicated Team, Fixed Budget, and Time & Material.

We also provide onboarding flexibility wherein you can interview your development team prior to hiring. This will ensure you from the very first day that you have made the right decision by joining hands with us.

Flexible Working Model 

We believe in providing flexibility to our clients in every term. When it comes to flexible working hours, we are eagerly ready to serve you as per your time zone. You can even connect with our development team in real-time or as per your time-zone flexibility.

Highly Competitive Pricing

We serve quality-assured practices to our esteemed client base. Along with that we also take care of our clients by enabling them to save upto 60% of their overall investment for custom healthcare software development.

Agile Healthcare Development

To ensure that you are getting the most out of your healthcare project investment, we follow an agile working process for your software development in healthcare. Through this, we develop your projects in modules or segments and move ahead based on your frequent feedback and inputs. This process helps when it comes to developing high-end customized healthcare development solutions.

Quality Assured & Scalable

Our developers are highly equipped with the latest technical skills, advanced development concepts, and standard coding expertise ensuring quality-assured solutions. We develop your project that runs smoothly and seamlessly whether on the browser or app platforms. 

We always work on the scalability part whereby you can acquire seamless and effortless feature upgrades without disturbing the entire code.

Post Deployment Support

To experience a smoother, bug-free, and reliable experience, we provide our post-deployment support at cost-effective rates. Whether your need arises to fix the ongoing issue, introduce new features, upgrade UI, etc., we take responsibility for all of your post-deployment needs.

We also provide app promotion assistance post software development in healthcare. Whether it’s about promoting things on the web URL or on the App/Play store, we are ready to serve our quality-assured app promotion practices at reasonable pricing.

Transparent approach

We believe in rolling out transparency throughout your custom software healthcare development. We keep transparency in every context whether in terms of engagement, pricing, delivery adherence, post-support/maintenance, and more.

So, this is how ScalaCode could be a proven profitable, scalable, and reliable healthcare software development company for your custom healthcare software development project. We are proficient enough in providing quality-assured custom healthcare software development solutions while adhering to deadlines at highly cost-effective rates.

Bottom Line

Thus, if you are seeking to outsource healthcare software development services, selecting a reliable healthcare software development company like ScalaCode can make a difference. Further, If you have queries in your mind, connect with us. We will help you find the right strategic healthcare solution for your business.


With a rich background in the tech industry spanning over seven years, Negi thrives as a project manager. His expertise lies in orchestrating teams and crafting engaging content that empowers software developers to grasp intricate technical subjects. Innately driven by a zeal for technology's transformative potential, he's been a tech enthusiast from the very start. Presently associated with ScalaCode, Negi is your dependable resource for punctual software project delivery and underlining their enduring success.