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ScalaCode has the top 3% of database developers available to start your project in 24 hours. Our expert database developers have deep experience creating custom database solutions for various use cases.

We have experts who can handle any type of database, including Hierarchical databases, Object-oriented databases, Network databases, NoSQL databases, and Relational databases. Plus, they adhere to the best database design principles, allowing them to implement both developer-driven and customer-centric code solutions smoothly.

Whether you need to hire database developers to handle your MongoDB database requirements, set up data migration services, or opt for scalable MySQL database solutions, we have the right talent for you. Take your management pains away and hire our remote database professionals at a rate starting at $15 per hour.

  • Onboarding within 48 hours
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Pre-vetted developers
  • Top 3% of Database Developers Access
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Global Brands That Trust Us

The Expertise of Our Database Developers

Our database team includes AWS and Microsoft-certified specialists who engineer cloud databases and other customized systems. We help you streamline your business processes, boost administrative performance, and enhance efficiencies.


Data Integration & Migration

Our database developers have a great skillset in automating data transactions, migrating and merging data from various file formats, database management systems (DBMS), and applications.


Data Mining & Transformation

Our professionals harness the power of advanced data mining & transformation tools to transform your data sets and automate the mining, structuring, and indexing data process.


Security Patch Management

Our developers follow industry-standard security protocol to ensure the top-notch security of your database and keep it secure from fraud attempts.


Database Optimization

Our engineers offer database optimization and upgradation services that speed up data operations, database indexing, and remove bottlenecks.


Reporting Service

Our database experts offer SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) that enable the creation of graphical, mobile, and printed reports using SQL Server.


Installation & Upgrade

We have the best developers who offer seamless installation and up-gradation services for the performance maintenance of your database.

Hire Software Developers in 3-Steps

ScalaCode follows a process-driven approach to get things perfectly done. We follow a smooth hiring process to help you hire skilled techies for your project.



You can share your project requirements with us. Our experienced business consultant will evaluate your requirements and connect with you in the least possible time.


Select CV

Once we receive your request, we will share the CVs/resumes of the candidates matching your project criteria and relevant skillset. If none of the resumes satisfies you, we will come up with other candidates’ resumes.


Take interview

We will conduct an interview session once you have shortlisted the resumes. You can evaluate the candidates’ skillset for domain expertise, technical knowledge, communication, etc.

On Boarding

Our onboarding process starts immediately once you finalize the engineers to hire. We offer a seamless onboarding process and employ the resources on your project in the least possible time.

Add resource in your team

After the successful onboarding process, you will have complete access to the developers, and they will work as your in-house team members. You can collaborate with them on the tasks needed to perform on your project.

In case, the developer you have hired fails to meet your expectations, you can raise your concern, and we will help you with quick resource replacement without any cost. We will share some more resumes, and you can choose the developer of your choice.

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Our Latest Projects


Industries We Work With

  • HealthCare
  • eCommerce
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Banking & Finance
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Legal & Law Firms

Digital Healthcare Solutions

Leverage the experience and expertise of our tech enthusiasts to cut down the cost and time to build innovative solutions. Get advanced healthcare products developed by professionals and improve your healthcare systems to deliver unmatched customer service.

  • Inventory Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Self-Diagnosing
  • Virtual Monitoring
  • Augmenting Surgeries
  • Pharmacy Management

Next-Gen eCommerce Solutions

Our certified eCommerce developers can help you develop feature-packed eCommerce solutions in your desired niche. Our developers can build custom eCommerce platforms that match your needs and helps you to boost your revenue.

  • 360 Degree Product View
  • Secure In-app Payment
  • Easy Product Filtering
  • Enable Push Notifications
  • Social Media Integration
  • User Analytics Integration

Real Estate Platform

Grow your real estate business competently using advanced and scalable real estate solutions. Our proficient software engineers develop robust, scalable, and reliable digital solutions that simplify your customers' journey. Our professionals cover vital aspects to build bespoke real estate softwares.

  • Property Cost Calculators
  • Virtual Tour Services
  • Call or Direct Messaging
  • Booking Consultation
  • Map View Integration
  • Simple Registration Process

Dynamic EdTech Solutions

We have a team of a wide range of engineers who provide cutting-edge IT solutions to transform the eLearning education industry. They mainly emphasize upon introducing new and fun ways of learning. Develop an interactive learning app with us to give a whole new online learning experience.

  • Social Media Integration
  • Gamification and Rewards
  • Generate Test Reports
  • Video-based Content
  • Live Tutorials and Sessions
  • Personalized User Experience

Advanced Travel & Hospitality System

Employ certified developers to develop customer-centric hospitality & travel solutions that are beneficial to establishing seamless connectivity between your customer and you. We help you develop advanced travel & hospitality solutions that offer multiple features in-hand and reduce physical efforts.

  • Geolocation Tracking
  • Weather Forecasting Service
  • Reviews & Recommendations
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Flight & Hotel Booking
  • Secure Payment Transactions

Online Banking & Finance Solutions

Our developers are well-versed in building the remarkable banking and finance solutions that add value to financial organizations, banking institutions, and insurance companies. Our team of tech veterans can help you develop result-driven and highly secured finance software solutions.

  • Security & Fraud Alerts
  • New account Enrollment
  • Interest Rate Calculation
  • Enable Record Maintenance
  • CRM
  • Loan Management System

Digital Media & Entertainment Platform

Developers at ScalaCode can help you attract audiences with scalable, on-demand, and adaptable media & entertainment solutions. Our engineers can provide you with innovative and industry-savvy digital platforms that offer multiple features like streaming, broadcasting, engaging content delivery, etc.

  • Audio & Video Streaming
  • Real-time Content Update
  • Text & GPS Enabled Facilities
  • Live Chatting Option
  • In-app Purchases
  • Live Streaming of TV Shows

Why Should You Opt for Database Development?

Using database technology to integrate and perform various data transactions about your customers, suppliers, and even competitors can significantly benefit your business.

It also reduces the amount of time you spend on data management, data evaluation, storing data in a structured format, and finding quality data insights with minimal efforts.


Why Cannot You Look Beyond ScalaCode for Remote Software Developers

Looking for Other Technologies for Backend Development?

Companies trust ScalaCode to hire dedicated developers for their varied business needs. Our developers solve complex business challenges through innovation and agility. Let us help you to find the best minds that simplify your digital transformation journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the key role of the database developer?

The primary role of a database developer is to emphasize expanding the existing database by improving its functionality and operational capacity.

What standard practices do your developers follow in database development?

Our team follows an agile development approach, maintains data integrity, does not compromise on quality, and ensures complete customer satisfaction.

Why should I hire a database developer from your company?

Our database developers are responsible for writing clean codes to create user-centric applications. They can come up with complex database structures and are well versed in developing cross-functional database applications.

What procedure do I need to follow for hiring a database developer?

Share your requirements with us, and we will share the resumes of some candidates that match your criteria. Once you shortlist the developer, we will conduct an interview session followed by the final onboarding process.

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