Empowering Vehicle Owners with an AI-Driven Mobile App for Enhanced Security, Connectivity, and Control


In the face of growing vehicle management challenges for households with multiple vehicles, CarKenny Inc., in collaboration with ScalaCode, sought to develop a sophisticated AI-based solution to enhance vehicle security and provide comprehensive management features.

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Business Requirements

The primary requirements identified included real-time tracking of vehicles, remote access control, and specialized management for electric vehicles, alongside maintaining regular vehicle health updates to facilitate easier and more efficient vehicle management.



ScalaCode developed an AI-driven mobile application offering:

  • Real-time Tracking

    Utilizing AI, the app provides precise location tracking and historical data.

  • Remote Access Control

    Enhances security by allowing digital control over vehicle locking and unlocking.

  • EV Management

    A comprehensive suite specifically tailored for electric vehicles, including monitoring and controlling charging sessions.

  • Maintenance Management

    Automated alerts for maintenance checks based on real-time data collection from vehicles.

UI/UX & Flow-Charts

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Kennith Director of CarKenny

The ScalaCode team has been a great partner to work with. They are very attentive; they are always there when I need them. In the day time or in the evening time - they have been around. From the inception, the relationship as a business partner with ScalaCode, and their project managers, even down to the software engineers, you know, all those who I interact with at the team, has supported me a long in this journey. The experience has been really great.

Key Features

AI-Driven Real-time Tracking

Advanced algorithms provide accurate location data.

Remote Access Control

Secure digital control over vehicle access.

Comprehensive EV Monitoring

Detailed monitoring and control over electric vehicle charging and battery management.

Maintenance Metrics

Real-time updates on maintenance needs.

Technologies Used

AI and Machine Learning

For predictive analytics and real-time data processing.

Mobile App

Native apps developed using Swift and Kotlin.

Cloud Services

Leveraging AWS for scalable backend infrastructure.


Integration of advanced digital security measures for remote access.


The CarKenny app has drastically improved the way vehicle owners manage and interact with their vehicles, offering enhanced security, user convenience, and a more connected vehicle experience.


CarKenny represents a significant step forward in the realm of digital vehicle management, driven by ScalaCode’s innovative use of technology to meet the evolving needs of modern vehicle owners.

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