Streamlining Land Register Management With A Custom Web Application

Business Requirements

Recognizing a significant need in the real estate sector, a leading entity aimed to create a web application for smooth land register management. The project was named -EMTB (Land Registers Module). With this project, the client’s objective was to build a platform capable of handling various tasks, such as uploading land documents and maintaining ownership records. Plus, they tasked us with developing a web solution featuring a user-friendly interface for clients to easily inquire about land ownership details.

Business Requirements


  • Using paper-based methods for land documents and ownership records caused delays and inefficiencies in operations.

  • Without a central platform for document sharing and updates, information was isolated, and teamwork suffered.

  • Slow responses to client inquiries due to inefficiencies led to lower satisfaction and potential business setbacks

Business Solutions

To help the client overcome their land management issues, we at ScalaCode came up with a smart solution: the Land Registers module. This module was designed with users in mind, making it easy to upload documents, update ownership records, and quickly answer client questions. We used a tech setup called microservices architecture and also included some cloud-based tools like Cloudinary and PostgreSQL. This made sure everything worked super smoothly and kept the data safe. This smart web application didn't just make handling documents and data better; it also made the client's teamwork easier.


Key Features

  • Admin, Business Contributors, and Clients with distinct access.
  • Have the ability to modify ownership records when a land transaction occurs.
  • Business Contributors upload deeds, titles, and ownership records.
  • Clients easily inquire and get prompt responses.
  • Secure storage and management of documents.
  • Robust storage for ownership records.
  • Efficient comment, file, and database management.
  • Facilitates collaboration among contributors.
  • Automated processes reduce workload.

Technology Stack

  • Next.js Next.js
  • TypeScript TypeScript
  • Material-UI (MUI) Material-UI (MUI)
  • Strapi Strapi
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • Cloudinary Cloudinary