Chalenj has revolutionised the deskless world, empowering workers to know what to do just by scanning the QR code.

Project Brief

Chalenj is the ultimate digital solution for 'deskless' workers. With its powerful micro-action engine and QR Code-based platform, users can access job-related sessions, onboarding, learning, and job aid rapidly and effortlessly. Our experts have developed it to help workers of all levels stay productive, informed, and engaged.

Admin Panel

Chalenj lets authors track & monitor user activity with detailed insights. It provides authors with the tools to design, deploy, and manage micro-actions, messages, and job aids for users.

Admin Dashboard
Admin Dashboard

User Panel

With the QR Code scanning feature, users can access tasks, receive email notifications on unlocked actions, and access a repository of content right from their phone at any timeā€”all with just a simple scan.

Breakdown of the Features of Chalenj:


1. Registration

Create your account on Chalenj by entering your email address and username and setting a password. However, in order to complete the signing-up process, check the box next to Terms & Conditions.

2. Micro-Action Engine

With this PWA you can create, deploy and manage tasks, micro-actions, messages, and job aids for users.


3. Dashboard

The Dashboard provides the user with an overview of their account, displaying the available tasks, available Chalenj, and notifications.

5. User Activity Tracking Insights

Authors can track and monitor user activity, providing detailed real-time insights and metrics to help ensure a clear understanding of user performance.


4. QR Code Scanning

Chalenj supports QR code scanning to access assigned tasks, micro-tasks, and cheat sheets for how to complete a task.

6. User Profiles

Get an instant overview of all your tasks, people in connection, and more in one convenient place. No more digging through multiple sources to find the information you need.

7. Search Bar

Search for relevant Chalenj assigned to you quickly by entering the Chalenj Owner Name or Chalenj Name in the different categories such as Job Opportunities, Self-Exploration, and Job Search Process for a targeted search.

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