Progressive Web App for Desk-Less Workers


ScalaCode partnered with Chalenj LLC to develop a progressive web application aimed at transforming training and operational procedures into engaging, gamified micro-actions for desk-less workers.

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    Learning & Development

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    Design, Development & Deployment

Business Requirements

Chalenj LLC required a solution that simplified task management and enhanced recall and engagement through an interactive platform that turned standard operational procedures into engaging challenges.



ScalaCode developed a comprehensive PWA with three user roles:

  • Author Module

    Allows content creation and management of micro-actions.

  • Admin Role

    Manages data, user roles, and system-wide notifications.

  • User Role

    Facilitates easy access to tasks and training via QR codes and mobile devices.

UI/UX & Flow-Charts

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Key Features

Micro-Action Engine

Breaks down tasks into small, manageable actions.

Real-Time Updates

Authors can update content instantly.

Comprehensive Tracking

Detailed reports on user engagement and challenge completion.


Supports unlimited challenge creation and various validation methods for action completion.

Technologies Used


Developed with progressive web technologies for seamless cross-platform use.


Utilizes AWS services such as EC2 and RDS for robust data handling and storage.

Programming Languages

Swift, Python, Kotlin for app development.


MongoDB for scalable data storage.


The PWA significantly improved task efficiency and engagement among desk-less workers, streamlining training and operational procedures.


Chalenj has successfully enhanced productivity for desk-less workers through its innovative Progressive Web Application (PWA). By leveraging ScalaCode's expertise and technology, Chalenj has significantly improved task efficiency and engagement, introducing streamlined training and operational procedures. This project's success highlights ScalaCode's commitment to developing solutions that address the unique challenges faced by desk-less workers, driving productivity and maximizing operational effectiveness.

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