Truly Home Cooked Meals (THCM)

Web App Development for Restaurant Busienss – Truly Home Cooked Meals (THCM)


ScalaCode developed THCM, a centralized platform designed to connect Meal Hosts with patrons looking for home-cooked meals, streamlining the process with modern web solutions for dine-in or take-away options.

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Business Requirements

THCM sought to create an accessible platform to help patrons easily locate, customize, and order home-cooked meals, incorporating features like online payments, subscriptions, and live order tracking.



The THCM app features:

  • Local Discovery

    Utilizes geo-fencing technology to discover Meal Hosts within a 200m radius.

  • Customized Meal Requests

    Allows patrons to customize their orders to meet specific dietary needs.

  • Dine-in or Take-Away Options

    Offers flexibility in how patrons choose to enjoy their meals.

  • Ratings and Reviews System

    Helps build trust and ensures quality.

  • Promotional System for Meal Hosts

    Enables hosts to promote their meals effectively.

  • Secure Payments and Live Order Tracking

    Enhances user experience and security.

UI/UX & Flow-Charts

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Key Features

Geo-Fencing Technology

For accurate local discovery of Meal Hosts.

Customization Options

Allows detailed customization of meal orders.

Comprehensive Ratings and Reviews

Ensures transparency and trust.

Secure Online Payments

Facilitates easy and safe transactions.

Live Order Tracking

Keeps patrons updated in real-time about their order status.

Technologies Used

Mobile App

Kotlin and Swift for robust mobile app development.


Laravel for server-side logic.

Hosting and Scalability

AWS to ensure reliable hosting and scalability.

Geo-fencing Technology

Integrated to enhance local discovery capabilities.


THCM has effectively bridged the gap between Meal Hosts and patrons, enhancing the dining experience with a focus on convenience, quality, and community engagement. This platform has revolutionized traditional dining by leveraging technology to meet contemporary needs.


The THCM web app signifies a transformative stride in the restaurant industry, revolutionizing the dining experience through ScalaCode's innovative technological approach. It bridged the gap between Meal Hosts and patrons, focusing on convenience, quality, and community engagement while seamlessly integrating technology to meet contemporary needs.

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