Truly Home Cooked Meals (THCM) – A Modern Approach to Traditional Dining

Business Requirements

To create a centralized platform where Meal Hosts can offer their home-cooked meals, and patrons can easily locate, customize, and avail of these meals, either through dine-in or take-away. The platform should also facilitate offers, online payments, subscriptions, and live order tracking.

Business Requirements

Business Challenges

  • The rising demand for healthy, home-cooked meals.

  • Lack of a unified platform to connect Meal Hosts and patrons.

  • Challenges in ensuring the food's freshness and quick accessibility.

  • The need for a reliable ratings and review system to build trust.

  • A flexible payment system to handle one-time and subscription-based payments.

Business Solutions

ScalaCode devised the "Truly Home Cooked Meals (THCM)" app using Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS to ensure a fluid user experience across both platforms. The backend was constructed using the robust Laravel PHP framework. With AWS ensuring reliable hosting and scalability, the app was equipped with geo-fencing technology to help patrons discover nearby Meal Hosts. Moreover, an integrated payment gateway was embedded to handle secure transactions and subscription functionalities.


Key Features

  • Local Discovery: Patrons can discover Meal Hosts within a 200m radius.
  • Customized Meal Requests: Allows patrons to specify dietary preferences or instructions.
  • Dine-in or Take-away Options: Offering flexibility to the patrons.
  • Ratings and Reviews: Creating a transparent ecosystem.
  • Promotional System: For Meal Hosts to provide offers and discounts.
  • Secure Payments & Subscriptions: Integrated payment gateways and an option for recurring subscriptions.
  • Live Order Tracking: Real-time tracking for take-away orders.

Technology Stack

  • NodeJS NodeJS
  • AngularJS AngularJS
  • Kotlin Kotlin
  • Swift Swift