Smart Energy Analyzer for Netherlands Municipalities and Businesses

Business Requirements

Our client, a smart energy solutions provider, asked us to create a user-friendly web app called Rec Analyzer. This application aimed to address energy consumption concerns in the Netherlands by collecting data on municipalities, business parks, and companies. They required a mechanism to accurately calculate energy consumption (electricity, gas, and heat) based on this data. The goal was to analyze energy usage, provide actionable insights, and promote energy-saving installations.

Business Requirements

Business Challenges

  • Efficiently storing and managing data for municipalities, business parks, and companies, and utilizing it for energy consumption calculations.

  • Implementing a multi-user system with distinct roles (Admin, Sales, Engineer, Project Manager) and permissions across different modules.

  • Creating a platform to calculate energy consumption, generate customized PDF quotations, and facilitate energy-saving installations.

  • Ensuring the application could be used by local companies with an option to switch languages.


ScalaCode partnered with Rec Analyzer to create a web solution tackling these challenges and offering an all-in-one platform for efficient data management and energy consumption analysis. We built a user-friendly web app, considering modernization and scalability in its architecture. Our web development team covered every angle – from role-based access control to energy-saving calculations. Besides, the application generates customized PDF reports containing energy-saving recommendations based on the analysis. This comprehensive approach ensures a powerful and user-friendly tool for optimizing energy usage.


Key Features

  • User-centric design simplifies data input and navigation.
  • Role-based access for admins, sales, engineers, and project managers ensures data security.
  • Robust engine computes data for accurate energy metrics.
  • Automated custom reports offer actionable energy-saving insights.
  • Multilingual support catering to diverse global users.
  • Features enable efficient teamwork and information sharing.
  • Users access up-to-the-minute energy consumption trends.
  • Architecture accommodates growth and future tech integration.
  • Consistent experience across devices, enhancing usability.

Technology Stack

  • Python Python
  • Django Django
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • Postman Postman
  • GitLab Version Control GitLab Version Control
  • JavaScript JavaScript
  • React.js React.js
  • Redux Redux