Smart Energy Analyzer for Netherlands

Web Application for Streamlining Energy Consumption Analysis


ScalaCode collaborated with a smart energy solutions provider to develop Rec Analyzer, a sophisticated web app designed to address energy consumption concerns in the Netherlands. This solution collects and analyzes data from municipalities, business parks, and companies to promote energy efficiency.

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Business Requirements

The client needed a user-friendly web application capable of accurately calculating and analyzing energy consumption (electricity, gas, and heat) for various entities. The goal was to provide actionable insights and facilitate the adoption of energy-saving installations.



ScalaCode crafted a comprehensive web solution that includes:

  • Role-Based Access Control

    Tailored access for different user roles ensures security and functionality.

  • Energy-Saving Calculations and Reports

    The app computes energy data and generates customized reports with recommendations for reducing energy consumption.

  • Multilingual Support

    Accommodates different language preferences to enhance user accessibility.

UI/UX & Flow-Charts

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Key Features

User-Centric Design

Simplifies data entry and navigation, improving user experience.

Robust Calculation Engine

Provides accurate energy consumption metrics.

Automated Custom Reports

Delivers actionable insights for energy savings.

Multilingual Capabilities

Supports a broad user base with varied language needs.

Scalable Architecture

Ready for future growth and technological integration.

Consistent Cross-Device Experience

Ensures usability across various devices.

Technologies Used

Backend Development

Python and Django for robust server-side logic.

Database Management

PostgreSQL for secure and scalable data storage.

Frontend Development

React.js and Redux for a responsive and interactive user interface.

Version Control and Testing

GitLab for version control and Postman for API testing.

Web Technologies

HTML/CSS and JavaScript for styling and client-side functionality.


Rec Analyzer has significantly improved the way energy consumption is monitored and analyzed, providing a powerful tool for entities to optimize their energy usage. The platform has enhanced operational efficiency and energy management, leading to more informed decision-making and the adoption of energy-saving solutions.


Rec Analyzer represents a significant step forward in the realm of digital energy consumption analysis, enabled by ScalaCode's innovative use of technology to meet the evolving needs of modern energy management practices.

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