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eLearning App Development for LearnArena


ScalaCode developed LearnArena, an on-demand eLearning platform that facilitates robust interactions between students and tutors, optimizing the educational experience with personalized learning paths.

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Business Requirements

LearnArena aimed to streamline the registration process for students and tutors, improve search functionality, and enhance profile and resource management.



The platform features:

  • Intuitive Registration Processes

    Simplifies entry for new users.

  • Advanced Search Options

    Enables precise searching capabilities.

  • Comprehensive Tutor Profiles

    Profiles include qualifications, availability, and rates.

  • Robust Resource Management

    Manages educational materials effectively.

  • Group Learning Sessions

    Facilitates collaborative learning experiences.

UI/UX & Flow-Charts

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Key Features

Enhanced Search Functionality

Filters to help locate specific tutors or subjects.

Detailed Tutor Profiles

Showcase tutors' qualifications, availability, and rates.

Resource Management

A system for uploading and managing educational materials.

Group Learning Sessions

Tools for organizing and managing collaborative learning experiences.

Technologies Used

Laravel and Angular

For a robust and responsive application interface.


For secure and scalable database management.


For reliable cloud hosting and services.


LearnArena has transformed the eLearning landscape by providing a comprehensive, interactive platform that enhances the educational engagement between students and tutors.


LearnArena, developed by ScalaCode, has successfully enhanced the education sector with its tailored student-tutor eLearning application platform. By providing a comprehensive and interactive platform, LearnArena has revolutionized the way students and tutors engage in the learning process. The project's success showcases the powerful impact of innovative technology in creating a more engaging and effective educational experience. With LearnArena's contributions, students and tutors have benefited from a personalized and collaborative eLearning environment, fostering knowledge acquisition and academic growth.

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