Learn Arena: Bridging Gaps in Digital Education through Expert Collaboration

Business Requirements

The education sector has witnessed a paradigm shift towards digital platforms, yet many students struggle to find tailored educational experiences to meet their unique learning needs. Similarly, educators seek platforms where they can effectively showcase their expertise and connect with a dedicated audience. A solution is needed that offers a seamless bridge between students and educational professionals, fostering collaboration and ensuring rich, quality-driven learning experiences. LearnArena wanted to bridge in by building a scalable and robust digital solution.

Business Challenges

  • Lack of a centralized platform for students to find and collaborate with professional tutors or mentors.

  • Absence of a streamlined registration process for students and educators to signify their learning preferences and expertise, respectively.

  • Difficulty in searching for specific subjects or educators due to inefficient search functionalities.

  • Lack of a comprehensive profile system for educators to effectively showcase their skills, availability, and certifications.

  • Inadequate resource management functionalities for educators to upload and manage their content.

  • No system in place for educators to organize group learning sessions or for students to find them.

  • Absence of an analytics feature to evaluate platform engagement and session counts.

Business Solutions

Our team @ScalaCode developed "Learn Arena," an intuitive platform powered by Laravel, Angular, PostgreSQL, and AWS, that offers a space for student-tutor collaborations. The platform ensures an easy registration process, streamlined search functionality, comprehensive profile management, robust resource management capabilities, group session features, and performance analytics.


Key Features

  • Student Registration: An intuitive process capturing basic student details and learning preferences.
  • Tutor Registration: Detailed registration for educators, capturing their expertise, subjects, rates, and more.
  • Search Area: Enhanced search functionalities with dropdown menus and filters for specific tutors or subjects.
  • Tutor Profile Overview: Detailed profiles showcasing an educator's expertise, certifications, availability, and other crucial information.
  • Resource Management: Upload functionality supporting multiple formats with essential metadata. Easy resource download for students.
  • Group Class Features: Educators can create, manage, and announce group sessions, detailing all required information.
  • Analytics: A comprehensive dashboard to evaluate platform engagement, tracking individual and group sessions.

Technology Stack

  • Laravel Laravel
  • Angular Angular
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL