ScalaCode™ Felicitates Their Employees For Their Unstoppable Efforts to Excel

ScalaCode™ Felicitates Their Employees For Their Unstoppable Efforts to Excel

While ScalaCode™ helps the world to change the digital front by providing top-notch services, it aims to make the work-life balance of its employees. Despite being one of the fastest-growing digital transformation companies where the company covers comprehensive IT solutions, it offers the best software engineers to its clients.

With a vast and generative experience of 11 years in the market, ScalaCode™ ensures a hundred per cent customer satisfaction giving them unparalleled exposure to the latest technologies and development. The company is focused on client services and lets them hire pre-vetted software engineers for all purposes.

As said earlier, prioritising work-life balance, the company recently came up with an exciting idea to felicitate the employees with some exciting goodies. And, that is not it; the company also made it a day to cherish for its employees with lots of fun activities. Here are some moments of joy.

Distribution of Goodies:

Distribution of Goodies                        

Congratulating all the employees of ScalaCode™, HR gave them goodies as a token of appreciation for their hard work. While the management has successfully put a big smile on their faces, everyone got a push to excel in their respective fields of work.

Unboxing New Pack of Goodies:
Unboxing New Pack of Goodies

There were some worthy gifts inside the goodie boxes. Giving all day to day life essentials like a diary, water bottle, pen, coffee mug, and a keyring was a thoughtful gesture, and some of the employees were delighted.


Games and Activities:

Games and Activities

Continuing the celebratory mood of the employees and making it more happening, the management organised an in-house competition among the mates. While some played games like veterans, some just enjoyed the day’s vibe. Indeed, it helped to build a bond with colleagues; it turned out to be an excellent escape from daily routine.

Team - ScalaCode

In the end, it was a day full of surprising events that made everyone’s heart warm with feelings of affection and happiness. No matter how time goes, an appreciation always pushes people to do their best. And this is what ScalaCode™ is known for, delivering the best to its customers.

Posted on 10/06/2022

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