HSAT Satellite

Web Application for Advanced Satellite Image Processing and Field Mapping


ScalaCode developed the HSAT web application to transform satellite image processing and field mapping using cutting-edge technologies, enhancing decision-making in agriculture and land management.

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Business Requirements

The project aimed to automate the transformation of raw CSV location data into organized field polygons, facilitate advanced image processing, and integrate seamlessly with third-party satellite image services.



ScalaCode utilized:

  • Python and AWS

    A combination of Python for scripting and AWS for scalable cloud infrastructure was used to process and enhance satellite images effectively.

  • Advanced Algorithms

    These were employed to generate detailed image analyses.

  • Third-party Integration

    The application was integrated with third-party services for enriched data retrieval.

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Key Features

Automated CSV to Field Polygon Conversion

Streamlines the transformation of CSV data into structured field polygons.

Advanced NDVI and RGB Image Processing

Provides detailed vegetation indices and color imagery for enhanced analysis.

Seamless Third-party Integration

Ensures comprehensive satellite data retrieval.

High-performance AWS Infrastructure

Supports robust and scalable processing.

Real-time, Accurate GeoJSON Output

Facilitates precise field mapping.

Technologies Used


For backend scripting and automation functionalities.


For hosting and cloud services to manage data processing at scale.


Utilized for mapping and spatial data representation.


The HSAT application significantly streamlined the field mapping process, offering precise and efficient land analysis tools that supported better agricultural and land use decisions.


HSAT has made remarkable strides in advancing the field of field mapping through its cutting-edge satellite image processing capabilities and user-friendly web application. By leveraging ScalaCode's expertise and innovative technology, HSAT has successfully streamlined the mapping process, providing precise and efficient land analysis tools that have greatly supported improved agricultural and land use decision-making.

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