Enhancing Astrology Consultations with ScalaCode’s Digital Solutions

Business Requirements

ScalaCode was approached by a client aiming to bridge the gap between astrologers and their clientele using a state-of-the-art digital platform. The vision was clear: A one-stop portal that allows astrologers to manage their consultations, stay connected, and offer more personalized guidance.

Business Requirements

Business Challenges

  • Astrologers needed a centralized system to manage their numerous consultations, track call history, and handle invoices.

  • The platform had to be accessible on-the-go, with the ability for astrologers to quickly switch between different client interactions.

  • Leveraging technology to enhance the personal touch in consultations, like viewing client photos in detail.

  • Integrating a robust VOIP network for clear, uninterrupted consultations.

Business Solutions

ScalaCode developed a comprehensive Consultant Portal app for both Android and iPhone devices that is tailored to the unique needs of astrologers. It wasn't just an app; it was a digital companion designed to make an astrologer's work more streamlined and effective.


Key Features

  • Statistics Dashboard: An intuitive dashboard where astrologers can view their call history, track consultations, and gauge their performance metrics.
  • Photo Reading Module: A feature that allows astrologers to view and analyze photos submitted by clients, complete with zoom capabilities for detailed examination.
  • Status Management: With a simple toggle, astrologers can change their availability status - be it online, offline, or on a break.
  • Settings & Customization: A dedicated settings screen where astrologers can manage notifications and personalize their app experience, ensuring they're always in control.

Technology Stack

  • Kotlin Kotlin
  • Swift Swift
  • Laravel Laravel
  • Stripe Stripe