An App Platform to Enhance Learning Transfer and Accelerate Behavioral Change for Business and Personal Impact

Business Requirements

Empwered Achiever wanted to help organisations diagnose whether a learning intervention has had impact and adds value. And, to establish whether the interventions have efficiently aligned the business strategy, established stakeholder engagement and involvement, has both applicable and relevant design, is delivered effectively, and is assessed and evaluated efficiently. Lastly, to reveal the enablers and barriers to learning transfer and provide the data which shows the unique contribution Human Resources provides as contributor in the Executive Suite.

Business Requirements

Business Challenges

  • No validated platform to gauze whether learning initiatives are both efficient and effective?

  • Absence of solid mechanism to measure whether people follow procedures and use the same behaviours consistently?

  • A framework which will support the workforce who can follow processes and procedures and are conscious of the impact of their behaviours.

Business Solutions

ScalaCode team designed and developed the app-based solution Empowered Achiever in closely working with the client. Our team of software engineers implemented the required functionalities using Python as the scripting language for both backend and the API.


Key Features

  • The App helps diagnose one's unique approach to learning and behavioural change.
  • It will diagnose, feedback, structure one's learning and support in the learning application whatever the context is: at work, in education or in life.
  • The integrated questionnaire on the Apps help users discover what may be holding one from being more effective when applying learning or changing behaviour.
  • Detailed analytical reports configured within the app will show areas that one may like to improve.
  • Users can use Action List and Reflection tool to make a note of their thoughts, ideas and plans.
  • The content videos will then guide through changes that one might start wanting to implement.
  • Available both on online & off-line modes.

Technology Stack

  • Python Python
  • Swift Swift
  • Kotlin Kotlin
  • Amazon S3 Amazon S3