AI-based Reputation Management Platform for Tour Operators


ScalaCode developed TourReview, an AI-based platform designed to aggregate and analyze customer testimonials from various online sources. This solution provides tour operators with comprehensive insights, enhancing customer satisfaction and service quality.

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Business Requirements

Tour operators required a solution to efficiently manage scattered customer reviews and leverage these insights to improve their services.


Business Solutions

ScalaCode implemented a robust platform with:

  • Real-time Data Scraping

    Captures data continuously from various sources.

  • AI-driven Semantic Analysis

    Analyzes feedback for sentiment and key insights

  • User-Friendly Dashboard

    Provides instant and actionable insights to users.

UI/UX & Flow-Charts

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Key Features

Scalable Data Infrastructure

Enables efficient compilation of vast amounts of data.

Advanced Data Filters

Allows for granular insights into customer feedback.

Semantic Analysis

AI-driven tools for detailed sentiment analysis and keyword highlighting.

User-Friendly Interface

Ensures ease of use with real-time data accessibility.

Technologies Used

Backend Processing and AI

Python and OpenAI for intelligent data processing and analysis.

Hosting and Database Management

AWS for hosting and PostgreSQL for database management.

Additional Data Handling

MongoDB for enhanced data storage and retrieval capabilities.


TourReview has transformed how tour operators receive and utilize customer feedback, significantly improving their responsiveness and strategic planning capabilities.


TourReview marks a significant advancement in reputation management for tour operators. Powered by ScalaCode's innovative use of AI technology, the platform meets the evolving needs of modern tourism businesses, enhancing how they understand and respond to customer needs.

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