AI-based Reputation management platform for Tour Operators

Business Requirements

TourReview® envisioned creating an AI-enabled technological platform tailored specifically for the bustling Tourism industry. Recognizing the persistent obstacles confronted by Tour Operator enterprises, they aspired to design a tool that stands as an unwavering pillar of support. TourReview® wanted to design the platform in such a that it ensures an aggregation of customer testimonials from diverse online sources, presenting them in an all-inclusive dashboard. This innovation arms businesses with precious insights, facilitating them to evaluate, act upon, and elevate their customer contentment levels.

Business Requirements

Business Challenges

  • In the rapidly evolving Tourism industry, Tour Operator companies often struggle with scattered customer reviews across multiple online platforms, making it challenging to obtain a unified view of customer feedback.

  • Without a centralized system to manage customer reviews, responding promptly and effectively to feedback becomes a laborious task, potentially impacting a company's reputation and customer satisfaction levels.

  • The absence of a comprehensive dashboard means businesses find it tough to gauge overall performance, identify areas of improvement, and strategize for enhanced service delivery based on real-world feedback.

  • Tour Operator companies expend significant manual effort and resources in collating, analyzing, and acting upon feedback from various channels, leading to inefficiencies and increased operational costs.

Business Solutions

The expert team at ScalaCode, utilizing advanced Python frameworks and innovative AI algorithms, meticulously engineered a cutting-edge platform tailored for the dynamic needs of the travel industry. Recognizing the challenges faced by tour operators, we harnessed the power of web scraping technologies coupled with proxy servers to ensure real-time data compilation from myriad sources. Our proprietary system, developed by specialized engineers proficient in next-gen programming languages, guarantees accurate and actionable insights through a beautifully designed, real-time dashboard.


Key Features

  • Scalable Data Infrastructure: Instantaneously compiles data, ensuring efficiency.
  • Advanced Data Filters: Allows operators to gain granular insights through flexible filters such as evaluation count, comparative analytics, NPS breakdowns, and detailed scores segmented by agencies, tours, destinations, and more.
  • Semantic Analysis: Our AI-driven sentiment analysis identifies and color-codes feedback based on their sentiment - be it negative, neutral, or positive, while also spotlighting repeated keywords for more profound insights.
  • Precision & Agility: Leveraging the robustness of Python and the precision of AI, our platform ensures optimal performance, accuracy, and speed.
  • User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive and constantly updated dashboard ensures seamless user experience, making data interpretation a breeze for stakeholders.

Technology Stack

  • Python Python
  • OpenAI OpenAI
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB MongoDB
  • EC2 EC2
  • Stripe Stripe