Workflow Automation Software Solutions

We specialize in boosting productivity for businesses of every size through workflow automation, resulting in impressive 60-80% growth rates. For workers to perform time-consuming and repetitive tasks in a more efficient manner, we create 'New-Age' workflow automation software solutions.

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Workflow Automation Software Solutions

Why ScalaCode?

Voted #1 Tech Partner

Voted #1 Tech Partner

Based on 100+ reviews on Clutch, GoodFirms, AppFutura, etc., we're #1 in the market for workflow automation software development.

Satisfaction Rate of 97%

Satisfaction Rate of 97%

We build automation software that's powerful yet not overwhelming, resulting in a satisfaction rate of nearly 97 out of 100 clients.

15-Minute Free Consultation

15-Minute Free Consultation

You have a 'Free' 15-minute consultation with a top industry expert to help you develop your workflow automation software.

Our Diverse Workflow Software Development Services

Our Expertise in Workflow Automation Software Solutions

Our main strength is bringing together tech-savvy experts to create workflow automation software as per business requirements. Whether you require automation tools for marketing, sales, or day-to-day operations, we can craft customized software for you. You can count on us to develop any kind of workflow automation software solutions you need.

  • Time Tracking

    Track employee hours, punch-in, punch-out, work time, work-from-home hours, and more with a time-tracking solution. We have experts to develop the best time-tracking software for your business.

  • Productivity Measurement

    Get insights into how productive your staff is, as well as track overall team performance. We build Productivity Measurement software that makes it easy to measure individual, team, and department productivity.

  • Attendance Management

    Easily manage employee attendance with our automated attendance management software. It simplifies the process of tracking attendance and lets you set rules and alerts when employees are late or absent.

  • Real-Time Monitoring

    Hire us to develop workflow process management software that will help you monitor employees in real time, letting you check whether they are productive and performing the tasks they are assigned.

  • Reporting and Dashboards

    Automate the reporting process and create reports quickly and accurately. Get access to our skilled software developers to build custom dashboards that display relevant business metrics in a visually compelling manner.

  • Project Budgeting

    Employ our team of developers to create a budgeting system so you can accurately track and manage your project costs. Monitor and analyze project performance, allocate resources more efficiently, and make better decisions faster.

  • Online Invoicing

    We hold decade-long experience in developing online invoicing systems for businesses. Our online invoicing system allows you to quickly generate and send invoices, track payments, and manage client relationships.

What Makes Our Services Pivotal for Custom Workflow Software

Flexible Solutions

Whether you need custom features or just want to make minor modifications, our team can create a workflow solution that meets your needs.

Cost-effective Solutions

Since we have been in this field for a long time, we know what it takes to implement a successful & affordable workflow automation software.

Technical Expertise

We have experienced professionals who understand the complexities of workflow automation software and can help you navigate through them with ease.

Quality Assurance

From unit testing to functional testing, we make sure that every workflow management software we develop is of high quality and free of any errors.


Our custom workflow software solutions can be scaled up or down as needed, making it easy to expand your business in no time.


All of our business process automation software solutions are equipped with the latest protection against data breaches, malicious attacks, etc.

Bring your software ideas to life through our experienced ScalaCode™ developers. Reach out to us to get started.

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