Gymfit is a web-based application that aids fitness enthusiasts in finding the perfect sports activities to fit their individual needs.

Project Brief

Gymfit web solution gives users the ability to find exercises as per their own preferences and needs. It will provide a list of exercises to be monitored on a daily and weekly basis, with the option of choosing a guide to help create a customised plan. For each exercise, there is a video. Moreover, based on weight and height, a personalised diet plan will be provided. The app also includes a calendar feature that gives users a reminder of current & upcoming activities.

User Panel

Users will have a Login/Register page to sign up. Once logged in, they'll have access to set goals, access to video tutorials for each exercise, reminders for any planned activities, and access to nutrition and diet tips and quizzes.

Admin Panel

Admin will manage the users, set plans and goals, manage uploaded videos, access the calendar feature, manage blogs and data, view analytics, track user activities, etc.

Breakdown of the important features of GymFit:


By providing basic details like an email address and password, you can have access to the GjymFit dashboard.

You can stay on top of your fitness goals with Gymfit's comprehensive weekly and daily exercise lists. With this plan, you'll be able to see the list of exercises you need to perform on a daily basis, making it easy to stay consistent and reach your goals.


Users can choose the guide of their choice and then activate the plans tailored to suit their individual needs. Easily customize your plans to fit your lifestyle and start enjoying all the benefits of your chosen fitness plan.

Choose from a variety of exercises and watch videos tailored to your selection appear below. Pick your favourite activity and explore video tutorials to enhance your workout.


According to your weight and height, the platform will give you a personalised diet plan just for you, just like a body mass index.

With the calendar feature, users can easily keep track of upcoming activities and tasks. The calendar will automatically list the activities or tasks you have to perform on the given date.


After watching the video of the exercise, users can take part in the quiz—a fun and interactive way to test their knowledge and familiarise themselves with the exercise.

Users can discover informative and helpful blogs related to the exercise by clicking on them. Once clicked, the user will be presented with relevant data regarding the chosen exercise category.

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