It's time to get connected and make healthcare better with NAMES, the social sharing app for medical professionals and the healthcare industry!

Project Brief

The overall goal of NAMES is to provide a social sharing platform for healthcare industry professionals, such as doctors. With NAMES, users are able to register and create accounts, send requests to others, and share information, like posts, group chat, group calls, consult, and more. It is available for both iOS and Android users. It provides a medium through which users can send and receive data as well as real-time communication. The app is meant to centralize users' medical records and facilitate communication between them and their clients.

Admin Panel

The Admin Panel keeps track of all users and their accounts. It allows admins to add and remove users, view network statistics, delete posts, block inappropriate content, and distribute notifications.

Admin Dashboard
Admin Dashboard

User Panel

The NAMES app is designed to make managing medical records easier and more efficient, allowing users to register and update their profile information, change their password to ensure account security, send requests to other users, post content, and share and like posts.

Breakdown of the important features of the NAMES app:


1. Registration

Get started with NAMES by registering with a few simple details. You just need to fill the required box with details like- First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Date of License Expiration, Location, Profession, and Password. Plus, upload your License and check off the box after quickly reading through our Terms and Conditions to sign up.

2. A Complete Overview of your own post and other's post

At the dashboard, stay informed about health and wellness content by liking, sharing, and interacting with posts from members connected to this network. Besides, you can also share your own inspiring stories or pieces of advice related to the healthcare profession.


3. Sent Request

Connect with other healthcare professionals in the NAMES community - simply click on 'Connect' to send a request. In case, if you need to find a specific person, use the 'Search Connection' box to quickly find them.

4. Accept or Delete your invitation

You have the power to accept or deny any invitation. If you want to add a person to your community, simply click on the 'Connect' button to accept the invitation. If you are not interested in making them a part of your network, feel free to delete the profile by clicking on the 'Delete' button.


5. Your Diary

You can conveniently access all your available content in three different sections – Private, Your Network, and Public - on Your Diary.

All content shared by yourself is visible in the Private section. Content by your friends and people connected to you is visible in the Your Network section. And, any content which is publically shared by healthcare professionals on the NAMES network can be found in the Public section.

Moreover, you can Edit or Delete the content available in the Private section. However, Your Network and Public section only allow you to Delete content – no editing options are available here.

6. Add New Post

Add new content related to healthcare and wellness to the NAMES app. You can choose to Create a post with simple text, upload images and videos, or both. Plus, you can Save your post as Private, Your Network, or Public.

7. Messages/Chat

You can do live chat and group chat with connected people. You can enjoy the ability to send images and videos directly from your Camera or Gallery by proving a few permissions or device access to the NAMES app. View who in your network has sent you messages. Keep up with conversations and stay informed of who's been in touch.


8. Notification

Get notified anytime someone likes one of your posts or views your profile. Never miss out on any engagement from your network.

9. View Others Profiles

Connect with other healthcare professionals on the NAMES network after knowing everything about them. Leverage the platform to easily access a wealth of information such as certifications, resumes, and professional details.

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