GrocersPod: Revolutionizing Grocery Delivery for Busy Lifestyles with React Native and Laravel

Business Requirements

In the rapidly evolving world, with professionals and students juggling between work, studies, and personal responsibilities, there was a growing need to make everyday tasks, like grocery shopping, more convenient and time-efficient. Local grocery stores needed a solution to reach out to these time-strapped consumers, ensuring they can access fresh produce and other essential items without compromising their busy schedules. Grocery Taxi Inc. realised this gap and wanted to build an all-in-one app based solution to solve the problem, exclusive for college students.

Business Requirements

Business Challenges

  • The traditional method of grocery shopping was time-consuming, especially for busy individuals and students.

  • Lack of a platform that could offer users the flexibility to browse, select, and purchase groceries from their local stores while sitting at home or office.

  • Difficulties in keeping track of orders and knowing the exact status of delivery.

  • The absence of an immediate support system for user queries during online shopping.

Business Solutions

ScalaCode worked with GroceryTaxi Inc. to develope 'GrocersPod', an intuitive and user-friendly mobile app leveraging React Native for cross-platform consistency. The backend was powered by Laravel and PHP, ensuring a robust and scalable system capable of handling a myriad of products and user interactions. Using MySQL, data was effectively managed, ensuring smooth operations. The solution aimed to offer students, professionals, and other users a platform to effortlessly select, purchase, and get groceries delivered right at their doorsteps.


Key Features

  • User-friendly Registration: Streamlined sign-up and login process capturing essential details like the University/Institute name.
  • Efficient Browsing: Users can swiftly navigate through various grocery items sorted by categories or via a direct search feature.
  • Seamless Shopping Experience: Add to cart feature with customization options, ensuring users get exactly what they need.
  • Secure Payment Gateway: Integrated multiple payment options including credit/debit cards and renowned platforms like PayPal and Stripe.
  • Instant Notifications: Real-time alerts post successful order placement.
  • Detailed Order Summary: Providing users a comprehensive view of their purchased items and total expenditure.
  • Advanced Order Tracking: Offering users real-time updates on their order status, ensuring they are always informed.
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support: Direct communication channel for users to get quick answers to their queries.

Technology Stack

  • React Native React Native
  • Laravel Laravel