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Project Brief

Learn Arena is a platform for student and tutor/expert collaboration to facilitate learning. It will bring together professionals from various fields to offer short, quality learning experiences for students who are interested in enhancing their knowledge and building on their existing skills. Students once registered will be able to search, message, arrange, access resource zones, and attend group classes. Tutor/Teacher/Educator/Mentor.will be able to create profiles and add class details, upload engaging content, and set class timings.

Breakdown of the important features of Learn Arena:

learn arena
learn arena
learn arena

1. Student Registration

To sign up as a student, you need to enter a few basic details like First Name, Last Name, Address, Country, Date of Birth, Email, Password, and the subject in which you're looking for extra help. You can also choose between Video or Phone support.

2. Tutor/Teacher/Educator/Mentor Registration

Similarly, to sign up as a tutor or educator, you will need to provide a few basic details like First Name, Last Name, Address, Country, Date of Birth, Email, Password, Primary Subject Specialty, Age group can you teach, Rates, etc.

3. Search Area

Make a direct search for a specific tutor or subject with the dropdown menu and filter options available in Learn Arena. Find the right result by filtering the search you are looking for.

learn arena
learn arena
learn arena

4. Overview of Tutor/Teacher/Educator/Mentor

In order to know the availability of a Tutor/Teacher/Educator/Mentor, you can take a look at their profile which includes information such as their profile picture, bio, the subjects they specialize in, the language of instruction, the availability status, certification link, location, etc.

5. Upload Resource

You have the access to upload resources format (Video, Audio, PDF, DOC, etc. ) to your dashboard. However, while uploading the resources, you need to provide- Resource's Name, Subject, Topics, Notes, etc.

6. Download Resources

Whether looking for images, videos, courses, or documents, the resources zone is the best place to find what you need and get them downloaded.

learn arena
learn arena
learn arena

7. Create Group Class Session

If you are a tutor, you can create group classes. You can set your rates and appoint a specific number of students in the class. To do that, you need to provide a few pieces of information like Subject, Topic, Level, Maximum No. Of Participants, Agenda/Notes, Duration, Price Per Participant (£), etc.

8. Group Classes Announcement

Students can check out the group classes announcement where they can get access to courses offered by experienced teachers. The announcement page will contain details regarding the particular sessions such as the Name of the Tutor/Teacher/Educator/Mentor, Subject, Topic, Level, Agenda/Notes, Number of Participants, and Time Duration of the session.

9. Analytics

Using the Analytics feature, you can see how many sessions have been taken this month, how many group sessions have been taken, and more.

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