WhatsApp Cloud API to All Businesses: What The Hype?

WhatsApp Cloud API to All Businesses: What The Hype?

Mark Zuckerberg, the creator and CEO of WhatsApp, spoke last night at Meta’s business messaging “Conversations” live event about its new launch WhatsApp Cloud API. 

On 19th MAy 2022 (WhatsApp cloud API release date), he took the stage by saying the need for messaging in this digital era and how it has changed in recent years. He talks about the early days of Facebook, where we used to post everything to our wall and then feed, where all of our friends could view and react. 

Plus, he claims that his team is working to make all of their messaging platforms more versatile while also keeping them safe.

Zuckerberg also said-

“At Meta, we run some of the world’s best messaging platforms, from WhatsApp to Messenger to Instagram DM’s. We are constantly working to improve them to make it easier to communicate with friends, family, and the close-knit groups that matter most to you. Increasingly, we’re seeing that people want the same ease of communication with businesses, too,” 

Furthermore, WhatsApp Cloud API beta testing was started in November 2021 with a mission to provide the global public availability of cloud-based corporate messaging offerings. 

But what’s WhatsApp Cloud API all about, and how it will help businesses.

WhatsApp Cloud API: What’s New In It?

WhatsApp Cloud API is a new launch offering- a cloud-based version of WhatsApp Business, the company’s developer tool. According to the company, the new tool intends to make it easier for businesses of all sizes worldwide to have better use of the WhatsApp messaging app.

Moreover, by leveraging this secure WhatsApp Cloud API hosted by Meta, any business or developer can simply utilise the service, built directly on top of WhatsApp. It focuses on speeding up and customising the experience their response time to clients in just a few minutes.

Zuckerberg stated it is a critical step in assisting all-size businesses in connecting with people and helping them in messaging the businesses they want to support.

How Do Businesses Will Get Benefited From Whatsapp Cloud API?

According to Meta’s VP of Business Messaging, Matt Idema, “whether you are an individual developer, working on an entrepreneurial initiative of your own, or a smaller corporation,” the new platform will be something to graduate to.

He claims that the new API would allow “partners to focus on building the tools and services that they want to give to clients on top of WhatsApp,” while WhatsApp will take care of the API’s installation, maintenance, and hosting.

What’s More On WhatsApp Cloud API?

Consumers will have complete control over the businesses they communicate with, and businesses will not be able to message individuals without their permission.

Businesses on WhatsApp will have a smooth experience with their customers. They’ll be able to have in-depth discussions with companies regarding their products. WhatsApp has also given significant consideration to user safety and privacy. 

When it comes to cost, WhatsApp has stated that features would be optional and that businesses will not be forced to pay for the service if they do not want to. They are planning to charge a subscription for these features in the WhatsApp Business app as part of a new premium service.

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