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Offshore App Developers: Key Benefits & Considerations Before Hiring Them

Offshore App Developers: Key Benefits & Considerations Before Hiring Them

The benefits and drawbacks of any product or service play an essential role in its selection or purchase by its potential customers. Do you agree with that statement? Certainly yes. If you view it carefully, the case with offshore app developers is no different. Yes, you got that right! You might have heard about many outsourced web developers out there that they do not ensure quality while working on any project. Or they use low-quality codes while building any software. Well, that could be true to some extent but not big time. Yes. 

There are myriads of top-notch web app development companies in some Asian countries that deliver promising results when it comes to web app development or mobile app development. That’s not all! The pros of partnering with some offshore app developers are so high that it easily outperforms its cons. In fact, you will be stunned to know that almost 71% of businesses across the globe outsource their web development projects to other entities, including but not limited to some Fortune 500 companies, like:

  1. Apple 
  2. Microsoft
  3. General Electric

What else? Most Fortune 500 companies hire offshore developers not just for the web or mobile app development job, but they count on these remote teams for their project execution too. So, if you need some trusted and reliable web developers to get your core product or service running, please make sure to exchange a few words with the service reps of a well-familiar web development company on the web. However, while doing that, you need to keep in mind a large number of development agencies may show you a generic list of work that they have done to date, as a portfolio. But, you should not pay heed to that. 

The reason? Well, it lacks the authenticity of their work to a large extent. Instead, you should ask them to show any experience working for clients like you or at least similar to you in your country or nation. It will indicate if the mobile app development entity you are considering teaming up with has a great idea of the business culture in your territory or not. If they have the same, it is an advantage for sure, and you can take the plunge to hire mobile app developers.

Perceived? If yes, it is time to move ahead with – 

What is an Offshore App Developer?

Before imbibing that, it is necessary to get a good sense of what does the term “offshore” mean? So, just to let you know, the term “offshore” indicates a location outside of one’s home nation. Thus, an Offshore App Developer is “someone” who works from another country for your business or establishment. 

Generally, an offshore mobile app development company is situated in a territory with a great talent pool in the tech domain. And they render professional IT services at a much lower cost than what other local developers charge. And some services that you will get most frequently when you hire offshore developers are:

  1. Custom design 
  2. Software development 
  3. Mobile app development 
  4. Maintenance 

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Now as far as software development goes, an offshore app development establishment could offer a few comprehensive systems for your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and SCM (Supply Chain Management) requirements, along with other enterprise-level services for a broad range of industries. So, if you are looking for some excellent offshore app developers, please ensure that your potential partner has a tremendous amount of experience in your field before employing them for the concerned job. 

Please remember that every IT solutions provider has personalized SDLC processes, i.e., Software Development Life Cycle and engagement models. Therefore, it is necessary to collaborate with offshore web app development companies that provide end-to-end IT services if you want to ensure the success of your incorporation.

What are the benefits you can get when you hire offshore developers?

The most imperative reason why many business owners get attracted to offshore development organizations is that the latter provides a golden opportunity for the former to save a humongous amount of money on app development expenses. Yes. If your agency is based out of some major cities in the world, like: 

  1. London
  2. New York
  3. Sydney 
  4. Los Angeles 

It will be pretty expensive to hire an in-house team of developers. The high cost of living in the aforementioned towns requires an equally high salary for each development professional there. The competition for getting the right talent is extreme among several companies. Each agency wants to draw the cream of the crop by giving suitable professionals a higher paycheck along with additional facilities and perks. Thus, when experiencing such a competitive background and the lack of local creative developers, it becomes evident why it is essential to hire mobile app developers for interested corporations. Be mindful there is no harm in hunting for a better deal overseas if you can close one that way. 

What are a few things to keep in mind when trying to hire offshore developers?

  • Geographical Location 

The first and foremost thing you must learn is that your potential outsourced development team should stay in a country that has a world-class infrastructure to offer the services you need. For example, it could become an uphill battle to continue your partnership with offshore app developers if they do not have access to a high-performance internet connection. 

Therefore, it is required to pick a specific country to hire mobile app developers that have an existing and exceptional business relationship with your nation. It indicates the offshore development partner you are striving hard to hire is likely to have a cultural orientation regarding the business atmosphere in your territory. And no doubt, that’s a huge plus for the growth and success of your agency. 

Kindly bear in mind, English is a pretty much familiar language that is widely used for international business dealings all over the world. Hence, you must find out the English proficiency of your preferred country before working with the offshore developers staying there. Because it is needless to say, you do not want the language to pop up as a barrier when communicating with any agency or organization to hire mobile app developers   

Just to let you know, India tops the list of global outsourcing destinations when it comes to fulfilling any sort of IT requirement that you might have. Web design and web development included, of course. Nowadays, India ranks 63rd among 190 countries in the World Bank report on ease of conducting business. Even in Tholons’ Services Globalization Report 2019, India tops the list of digital countries worldwide. The score breakup on a total of 1 is displayed below:

  1. Talent, Skill, and Quality – 0.91
  2. Business Catalyst – 0.79
  3. Cost and infrastructure – 0.80
  4. Digital innovation – 0.72


India tops the list of global outsourcing destinations


On top of that, a few more factors that convince why you should hire offshore developers in India are:

  1. Cost benefits 
  2. Skills
  3. Ease of outsourcing 

Now coming to the next point, i.e., 

  • Cost Efficiency

It is another primary reason we advise you to hire mobile app developers from a remote location. Yes. It is very important for any company on the cloud to calculate how much cost-cutting they can achieve while running their entity. However, you must note that if you sign a business agreement with an IT company that offers the least expensive services, it may not emerge to be cost-effective in the long term. Cost efficiency is achieved when you balance the quality of the work and the expenses you do correctly. It is a globally-accepted fact that compromising on quality to cut costs in your organization won’t benefit your company in the long run.

Now let’s see the average hourly rates to hire offshore developers across popular offshoring places. The following information is arranged in the order: Zone, Hourly Rate in US$, and Countries included.

  1. Africa – 20-40 US$ – Morocco, Kenya, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa
  2. Asia – 18-40 US$ – India, China, Philippines
  3. Latin America – 30-50 US$ –  Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Columbia
  4. Eastern Europe – 25-50 US$ – Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria

Average hourly rates to hire offshore developers across

Finally, the time has come to discuss the most monumental point, i.e., 

  • Company Stability and Reliability

Once you have taken the plunge on which country to work with, it is instrumental to check the profile of that company before you make up your mind to do business with them. We suggest collaborating with an establishment fraught with offshore app developers instead of an individual freelancer if you need some support for the ongoing development work. The stability and reliability factors of a company play a massive role in ensuring that your project does not suffer if any issue crops up at your offshore partner’s end. 

In addition to that, you can take the following techniques in use to get a rough idea of your prospective company’s stability and reliability:

  1. Go through the annual financial statements of the entity you are considering partnering with for at least three consecutive years. By doing this, you will understand the concerned company’s overall growth. And when you are doing that, please make sure to sift through both the net income and revenue growth of your preferred corporation.
  2. Check out the debt/equity ratio to determine the financial health of your prospective organization     
  3. See the website of the company you want to employ and get down to customer reviews.
  4. Make sure to view how long that entity has been in business or how long they have been offering offshore app developers as a service
  5. Inquire if the agency you are in touch with has some experience working for clients living in your country or not. That will indicate if they have a deep understanding of the business culture in your nation or not
  6. When you have an audience with your chosen establishment, please ensure to ask for customer references. For example, the contact details of their clientele so that you can chat with them directly regarding the quality of work your chosen company renders
  7. Last but not least! Sail through the cyber security commitment of that agency as well as their history because you don’t want to get trapped in a security breach anytime soon. 

So, the fact of the matter is that if you want to hire offshore developers, kindly do not forget to partner with a trusted outsourcing vendor rather than breaking your bank for a so-called highly-rated freelancer. Only when you bear all these things in your mind you will be able to invest your money and efforts in the right place and accomplish higher ROI than you can ever imagine. 

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Now that you have perused the entire primer, you must have apprehended how necessary it is to hire mobile app developers from another country if you want to upsurge the profitability of your establishment to a massive extent. No? Hence, if you want to attain your profitability goals as soon as possible while receiving quality work from the IT merchant you hire, please do not hem and haw while considering connecting to a renowned web design and development company on the internet. Post you have done this, you will be able to present a better product or service to your target audience that will be worth the value asked for.      

FAQs about Offshore App Developers

  • What is Offshore Outsourcing?

Offshore outsourcing mainly refers to collaborating with a third-party service provider located in a different country from yours and can carry out your business tasks easily and effectively. 

  • Why should I hire offshore developers?

There is no denying the fact that the operational cost of your business covers a significant portion of your organizational expenses. And if you succeed in reducing this particular cost to a great extent, your overall profit will shoot up immediately. Therefore, it makes sense to outsource your IT operations to highly-praised offshore app developers, as they will help improve the efficiency of your corporation by decreasing and controlling your operational expenses. 

  • How to keep track of confidentiality and IP when you hire offshore developers?

Protecting the Intellectual rights of an organization is a pressing concern when someone offers offshore outsourcing services. To avoid the leakage of your precious data, you should put a firm security policy and a Non-Disclosure Agreement or NDA before the vendor. Do not forget to make sure that the technical safeguards installed by your selected outsourcing entity are much more advanced and robust than the ones you have installed in your systems.    


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